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internet harrassment laws

It's the ISP (Internet Service Provider) address you are refering to, and it can be traced back to where the message originated. It's included in every email, you need only set your email to display the 'header' and the ISP is there.

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If nothing else, there are internet stalking laws in place. By constantly changing email addy's and sending her emails, they are basically stalking her. If this continues to happen, have her start keeping all of the emails in a separate folder and take them to the DA where she lives. The DA can then get a warrant for all of their computers..and trace it back to them. Even if they have cleaned thier hard drives, a good computer tech can find traces, if not outright proof that it is all coming from their computers.. giving the DA all that he needs to prosecute.

As far as the myspace goes, they also have the ability to track where sites are coming from, as well as any and all comments left on myspace blogs. If she can prove that it is coming from her ex-in-laws, not only can she get them for stalking, but also for harrassment and slander if they are saying things about her that they can not prove are true.

A good email site that I use is called INAME. She can basically choose the email addy.. beginning as well as end, that she would like.. very hard for someone to figure out who actually owns the email addy. Mine there is UndercovrAngelatunforgettabledotcom. Most people aren't even aware that a personalized sight such as this exists. She could use it for personal emails from trusted sites, friends and family. Then, for the time being, she could deactivate the current addy that she has. When the emails start getting sent back as unopened they may think that she has given up and stop sending her all those harrassing emails.

Just my thoughts on this subject.

Angel ^j^
BTW... INAME is a free sight. I have the above email addy since 1997 and never paid a single dime for it. They have large storage available, even for a basic account. I haven't even uses 5 % of my storage after all these years.

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red1030 Wrote:Hi halftrak, Deb's note about proving it prompted something more that I maybe could add to this mystery. First every email that you receive can be traced back to a tower which gives you a general locations of where the email came from...and I will have to ask my husband but I believe that you can find the computer who sent the message through their IRS (this may be the wrong initials..) which is a computers address. Good luck sweetie..I am so sorry you are going through this...love Red

Red, You are correct about that. I know a friend in England who did just that. He can track just about anything and find where it is coming from. My daughter had a similar problem with MySpace. I began to monitor the problem and keeep notes on everything. Printed everything out. Then I went on line iinstead of my daughter in her place and told the girls who were bothering her that I could report them, I had enough evidence to prove harrassment, etc.....we had no further emails. These were teenagers though, so it is hard to say. Adults are much worse..............and more so if they are acting in this way. I agree that changing the MySpace would be best. And make sure she covers her tracks completely. I do know that the police CAN take the computers hard drive and find out ANYONE who has been in touch with this girl. They should at least be able to warn them off. I know this because my exchange student had someone stalk her on MYSpace and I phoned a policeman friend of mine who said that they could certainly trace anything from our computer to find the person causing the problem. Just make sure that the emails etc. are not deleted......it makes it easier for the police to follow.

And you know. I would also contact a womens shelter who deals with this sort of thing alll of the time.....although the problem is coming from the in lawss....they might just have some advice that the girl can follow. You can do that through the YWCA.

Bags that is a great idea. I never thought of contacting a shelter to see if they have dealt with this before and if so what they recommend to do.


If slander is also involved I would look into it from that angle as well. Slander or defamation of character is not very well thought of in a court system. I can't remember how but I would print screen shots of whatever it is they have posted in my space so that you have proof of that as well.

Also using your pictures without your permission may be enough to make my space take them down but not sure about that...

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first off let me say thanks to you all, all of you have offered very good advice, this person in particular is my ex son in-laws aunt.what my daughter has done is exactly what some of you has mentioned, copying pictures of what they have posted online, my daughter has a whole notebook full of photos and emails that were sent to her, they have also picked on my family,this woman put up a porno picture that she altered of my 81 year old mom, in other words there was a picture she put online that was of 2 guys and she put my mom's face in place of one of the guys, see what i mean about this person,this has been going on for 2 years, when she puts up fake profiles my daughter sends to myspace what they call a salute and it eventually gets deleted but soon after another one appears, we have filed numerous reports with our local police but they are not up to date on internet laws, I have got to try the tracking thing though,you guys have given lots of good advice thanks.halftrak

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