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BINGO...Lets have FUN....

Hi all...It has been too quiet again and I believe that we all need a little game to get us moving again... or maybe just great talk about the castle...but lets try the BINGO game again. I have wrote the rules and directions below. Lets have fun...

BINGO game rules. Theme is SPRING. From the list of 45 words below, choose 15 spring words. Next, you will PM your chosen words to someone for verification purposes only. (I will let you know who is going to do this) Please keep your list with you next to the computer as well as mail a list to the person I asked you to in the next couple of days. Once you have your list, you are ready to begin. The game will begin on Wednesday March 12, 2008. I will put every name from the list of words that you are choosing from and in a jar. Every day starting on the 12th I will draw three words names from the jar. I will draw at around noon eastern standard time to make this easier for you. However, if I am not going to be around my computer at that time, then I will notify you of a time the day before…as much as possible. When your entire word card has been called such as in a black out for the real BINGO, you have a BINGO and then you will come on the forum and say BINGO. Then your card will be verified by the person that I direct you to send your words too in the next couple of days.
1. Choose 15 words from the list below.
2. PM your words chosen to who I asked your too in a couple of days.
3. Cross off y our words as they are called each morning.
4. Type BINGO when all 15 names have been called.
Words to choose From:
1. Spring
2. Holiday
3. Easter
4. St. Patrick’s Day
5. March
6. April
7. May
8. June
9. Lilac
10. Daffodils
11. Lilly
12. Baseball
13. Hunt
14. Church
15. Family
16. River
17. Lakes
18. Rain
19. Eggs
20. Rainbows
21. Thunderstorms
22. Weather
23. Flowers
24. Umbrella
25. Puddles
26. Butterflies
27. Robin
28. Tulips
29. Green
30. Yellow
31. Blue
32. Purple
33. Baskets
34. Playgrounds
35. Bicycles
36. Trees
37. Sunshine
38. Love
39. Bunny
40. Turtle
41. Pond
42. Chick
43. Shamrock
44. Bonnets
45. Pink

1st place = 8 points
2nd place = 6 points
3rd place = 4 points
Some of you are aware of a post I titled “help.” I believe I have come up with a sensible and budget conscious plan. I have valued each point at $4.00 which includes my cost for supplies and the shipping. It doesn’t, however, include the cost of basics such as brushes, brush cleaners, and table coverings etc. So if you win you are receiving a prize that cost about $32.00 my cost. Consequently, if you should want an oil painting for first place winners, you will need to pay the difference of the $32.00 versus the cost of a 16X20 oil painting. The difference would be $15.00 which includes the shipping and everything else. I hate to talk business, but I want everyone to know that I would happily do an oil painting if that is what the winner desires, I just need to stay within a new BINGO budget … so here goes.. I believe this gives options to whom can pay a partial amount for the oil painting, and it also should not discourage someone from playing who would be unable to put out 15.00 right now. So everyone can play and every one can win without any cost to you…and minimizes my cost just a tad bit… I hope this is ok with everyone.
I will post on a different thread the prize options and the points attached tomorrow or the next day.
For instance, points are attached as follows.
Oil painting canvas would be worth 12 points. This means if you win first place, you pay the difference of 4 points… which would be $15.00 as stated above after you receive your oil painting.
11X14 Canvas Painting is worth 3 points
8X10 canvas Board Painting is worth 2 points
11X14 canvas paper is worth 2 points
8x11 canvas paper is worth 1 point.

In terms of who will help me with this, I would like to move the responsibility around between all of us. If the person would like to be responsible to draw the words I can keep everyone’s word cards, however, the person drawing can’t play so it is usually better if I draw the words.
Let’s all have fun …. Let’s play BINGO

Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.

i got my words and im ready !!!!!!!have missed it

worry changes nothing prayer changes every thing

Me too - all ready!!!!


Haven't picked my words yet, But bumping this up for all to read

I went to file clicked print preview clicked print page 2 and got just the words. I can't believe it worked out that well but it did. Thanks Tuffy for bumping this I had missed it. Red if I can help you buy supplies I would be more than happy to. I Know how much supplies cost and postage is expensive too. Just let me know so you don't have to foot the bill by yourself. BA


I have my words picked,,,,,, now just waiting....

Red They can send me the word lists if they want. Now if I screw it up don't blame me....I guess I would send my list to someone else


Ok all... you have it, send your words to backache. Tuffy, could backache send her words to you. Backache if Tuffy says ok, then you would send your words to Tuffy. I am not sure how interested everyone is in doing this in that there have been few post to the thread. This is unusual.

Backache, thank you very much for doing this. Here is what I do, .... I develop a folder in my pm area called BINGO, then as the words come to me, I put them directly in that folder. Then you really do not have to look at again. Also, you would be the person to list the players the day before we start so that I know who all is playing etc. Again thank you...love Red

Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.

I already have a gift comming from the donation of Monsters winnings and i do not want to play and take away someone else's opportunity to win something. I just think it is only fair that i sit out on this because of already getting a beautiful oil painting.

I enjoy playing, and will watch and see who wins. Good luck everyone. If you need any help, just let me know.

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nooooooooooooooooooooooooo sparky half the fun is so many playing and the back and forth.....you gotta play

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