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returning to driving a big rig after brain injury

I was wonder if anyone knew what the federal dot laws are on what I must do to return to driving for my cdl (commercial) license after a brain injury?
I really cant find any information on it and my w/c case manager has never worked on a commercial drivers license case.

are you willing and able to put the lives of my children and grandchildren in your hands....even better would you want you on the same road as your children or grandchildren.......IF YOU DONT FEEL SAFE please dont put the rest of the countries children at risk

........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......


jayne Wrote:are you willing and able to put the lives of my children and grandchildren in your hands....even better would you want you on the same road as your children or grandchildren.......IF YOU DONT FEEL SAFE please dont put the rest of the countries children at risk
Not to be rude but Ill assume you know little about brain injury. Please dont assume that because Ive have a brain injury that I cant react or think any better then before .Things have to heal and yeah there was a couple months I had problems.Currently the doctors say I am at least average in the head .
As for feeling safe I have to leave that up to the doctors to decide.
I am getting looked over by a second nuero doctor to be sure Im good as well as special driving testing by a certified specialist. I can promise you my company will only let me drive once the above has been done plus they will have their folks check me out.
Im basicly looking for some info in regards to what steps I will be taking and the D.O.T. rules around them.

I have no Idea and I wasnt being rude(at least I wasnt trying to) My honey was a big rig driver....I know you have to have quicker than normal reactions and be able to think and see things long before a car would.....can you? Pepsi tried to put Honey in a truck before he felt safe....almighty dollar dont cha know...He said NO he wouldnt take the chance of killing someone so its the same question to you....doesnt matter weather they think you are safe or not what matters is how safe you feel....both have to agree (company and you )that your ready before you get behind the wheel....the lives of the idiot 4 wheelers(honeys words) are at stake...lets face it if there is an accident...they are gonna blame the truck if any way possiable.

........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......


If You still hold a Current CDL License that is Valid, You should only have to Pass what Your Company Feels is what they should Test You For. If Your License was Suspended, or taken away, You may have to go through the Whole procedure Again. As Long as You Pass the CDL Physical, Driving, and Written Test as You did Before, along with the Drug Screen, I See nothing other than that You should have to do. My Injury was while Unloading, so My CDL is still Valid, but My Physical Card has Expired, and I Know I couldn't Drive if I Physically could, with the Amount of Narcotics I'm on. If You are an Experienced Driver, with a Few Miles Under You, You are well aware of what it takes to Keep Her on the Road, and the Dangers of having a Driver on the Road Unprepared. I think, My Opinion Only, the Decision is Ultimately Up to whether You feel You are Up to the Task. If You decide to go back, Best of Luck, and I Hope You have Many Care Free Miles!!Wink

Jayne -sorry if I took what you said the wrong way , its still a sore topic for me.
Basicly I dont want folks to think that because ive had a brain injury that I cant function or do things as well or better then before my wreck.My injury only dealt with memory issues nothing as far as reaction or use of my body like some head injuries.The memory problems I had were current memory not passed memory . My mind is healing and my memory has return and Im tested every rehab session to double check this and they say Im good as far as my head injury.

My company has been getting second opinions on everything - even my vision(3 eye specialist), extra cat scans , new dot physicals and overall health.Still I cant return to driving for about 2 months because my broken bones must heal as well.

One thing I have discovered with a head injury is that the person who is hurt cannot always tell theres a problem . Imagine you break a bone - it hurts right . Your flesh is burned - you feel it. But when the brain is injured theres nothing that will say hey Im hurt so I myself well only know Im healed well enough to drive when the doctors tell me. Of course my company will triple check everything and test me them selves on the road with another driver .

Limbo - when you have a brain injury , stroke , etc you cannot drive until the doctors allow even in a big rig .In the state of I live in I have to be checked with the DMV before I return to driving a car so I wasnt sure the federal laws on cdls My company is paying for me to go to a special head injury driving instructor 100 miles away from here to be tested to be sure I can drive safe and responsable as before.If I cant pass then thats it for driving .

It Sure sounds to Me Like You are doing everything Responsibly, and I Hope You Heal Well, and are able to Drive Again. Driving was the One Job that I actually Loved!! The Work was Hard as I was a Mover for a Major Brand, and I had to Load and Unload with My Crew, but I Loved Getting Up Every Day to go to Work! I felt Like a Paid Tourist, able to See this Great Country and Get Paid For It!!! Best of Luck to You, and Enjoy Your Christmas Day!!Wink

Thanks Limbo .
Because Im taking the responsible party to court basicly my w/c rep and my lawyer say not to bother my employer with alot of questions and to just check with them on things. This is why I was asking about the whole dot rules on this . Lucky for me I didnt have a seziure which I know would change my cdls.

Good luck muttley. Five years ago my sister had a serious brain surgery and she is better now than she has ever been. After the surgery she seen things much differently and took life more seriously. She quit smoking (was a chain smoker) and now walks about 5 miles everyday. I would rather ride with her now than 10 years ago. Good luck and a speedy recovery.


Good Luck to you, and may it all work out ok!
Prayers for you are going up now! LillySmile

Injured worker, & tired of it all! I'm too old for games!!

A careless word may kindle strife, a cruel word may wreck a life, a timely word may level stress, and a loving word may heal and bless!

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