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What do people do ???

Well it,s look,s like there are people off work ,,,,sooooooooo, what do we/ they do all day.

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When my big ol tush isnt sitting at the computer, I'm playing games or doing crafts, or reading with the kidling, or I try to get some house work done though I dont have much motivation for that. We take drives, go to the park on nice days, I watch my soaps if Geena isnt hogging the tv. Theres not much else to do, no extra $$$ to go to the movies or go shopping, I cant bowl Sad. Pogo.com has become one of my favorite places too.

Is there a little red X down on the toolbar below the other thread? If so, click it and see if it will delete it for you

nope ,don,t see 1 ,,,but I ,m also a electronic tech,,, I fix computer,s design electrical circuits, I play keyboard,s I have a music studio in my house,,,,,I stay buzy,,,,,but it,s not like work.
every now and then I play with the wife,,,,,hehe

On The Road to Recovery

wait a min,,,,now I see the Red X,,,,,OK Deleted.

On The Road to Recovery

Well, since my wife works, I try and take care of some of the house work she would mostly have done, giving her a brake there, even do laundry, and cook. I always did love to cook. In a general sense, I do what I can, when I can, but I just have to take my time doing them, with rest stops when needed. Over the last year or so, remodeled 2 bathrooms, complete. 2 bedrooms completed. Cleaning up the garage. Getting the garden ready. Run around paying the Bills. Some shopping. And staying with-in my restrictions at all times. I get help when needed, so that is never a problem neither. Now that it's Spring Time, I will be getting my Boats ready to go fishing. And maybe go camping a few times and fishing. I try to do things with my grandsons, all 5 boys, and now 2 in the oven. Big Grin Still waiting for a Grand Daughter though. Rolleyes

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Hopefully your grand-daughter would be neater Tongue

Geez ,,,,,I,ve never had any kid,s (of my own).......that has to be a whole new world. I have 2 cat,s does that count????

On The Road to Recovery

hey princess,,,I thought I was the only crazy 1 to be up at this time of the day,,,,,

On The Road to Recovery

Of Course cats count!! I consider my dog to be my 4 legged son Smile

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