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What do people do ???

Jayne just do it local, put a printer flyer up at the grocery store, computers used for train for young childern, free of charge.

Reply's are intended solely for informational purposes. They are based on personal opinions, experience, or research and are "not to be taken as fact or legal advice", otherwise, always consult an attorney or a doctor.

I drive My Wife Crazy most of the time.

I was a Class A Truck Driver that worked in a business that you had to load and unload your own Trailer, and I traveled the Country and loved it. My area was the East Coast to the Mississippi River, New England to Florida. I also hunted at three hunting camps a year for deer and bear, and time permitting my wife and I would put about 6,000miles a year on our motorcycle. Now, getting out of bed is a major chore, I have to wait until my meds. kick in and I try to do light house cleaning and take care of my cat and dog. My pain is such that I can only get out of the house maybe three times a week and only for a couple of hours, and I try to plan that time to pay bills and my Father has been very ill and I've been taking him to various Dr.'s to try and get him better. My old life is totally gone, as you can see I was very active, and now just the minor things in life are a major chore.

Still in Limbo

I reread your post and feel I need to respond.

Your disability may limit what you can do physically,but don't cut yourself short.

The dedicated and expert contribution you give to this forum assisting injured workers seeking information and emotional support is most valuable.

Thank you,

Bummer Knees

Well lets see what do I do since I am no longer working - and I did try to go back to work that lasted 6 months.

Well between doctors appointments when I have them and some months I seem to have lots. Sleeping when my body says it is time to sleep - I have no control over that - when I am tired I am tired and will just fall asleep.

Waking up at 3:30 (latest normally) feed the cats (they are spoiled) and then try my best to stay up until I get the kid up for school. Seems he has an alarm clock that magically turns itself off every day. Don't know how he will manage once he grads HS this year. Play on the computer some, read boards, check e-mail, watch tv.

If driller is home - we may go out riding around a bit, or go out and if he is mowing the lawn I get to supervise him and let him know when the grass catcher is full. If I am driving, he supervisors. lol We do things around the house that I can't do by myself. He complains because I don't have all these frilly things up on the walls - like swags and stuff - ick - just paintings and pictures althought I would like scones up but can't do them myself.

Other than that - when he's out at the rig - you may find me out there for a while during the day occationally.

Thank you for the kind words Bummer, it's good to know I can help a little bit. I don't know what shape I would be in without this site, all the fair weather friends are gone, my Best friend has seemed to vanish, my family and the folks on here are my only true contacts and Thank You all for being there for me! Everyone here has been great and the valuable info. I have learned here include legal, medical, and mostly emotional ways to deal with this Hell called w/c, and I am truly truly thankful to you all!!!Cool

Bummer is right....you provide us with some much needed knowledgeable opinions!! Without you, there'd be an empty void here on the forum!! I'm sure there are many that would agree with me!

While we're all IW's....we all do the best that we can, with what we have, and within our restricitons!! I am absolutely no good at standing in the kitchen to cook the fancy dishes that sometimes take a long time. We've been reduced somewhat in our variety...simply because hubby, while he's great in the kitchen (and elsewhere!) he doesn't like to prepare the dishes that require a lot of forethought and such!! We're surviving though...and occasionally, on a good day I get in there and do up some of our favorites!! LOL Meanwhile....it seems like forever since I've done all of the laundry by myself!! If, as a family, we can manage getting them sorted then I can usually get the washer going if someone puts the basket up on the dryer for me...then it's up to hubby and the boys to transfer the load to the dryer and fold them when it's done. Kind of makes me feel very lazy! Unfortunately, that's the way it is! We all feel helpless at some point or another....it's part of the game we play while dealing with WC! Personally, I think they should take into consideration how much they take from us while dealing with our injuries and them!! Not so...but should be.
Still....never think of yourself as being worthless, hopeless or anything else...we're all here for a purpose, and that's all you need to worry about!! Just GET BETTER...if it's at all possible!! That should be all of ours' priority, right?
I personally feel that what you do it for the better of the rest of us muddling through this god awful system of WC!!

Babe....Your husband should be feeling mighty guilty right about now. If he's not...point him in my direction, I'll set him straight!! He doesn't know how good of a woman you truely are!!! If he can't see that, well....then I think you'll be better off without him!! As hard as that can be at times....or not!! I'm happy that you're able to do what you can! You should feel a great sense of pride in knowing that you're doing a great job!! Cheers!!

Everyone else: Let's all see if we can make each day the best that it can be with what we have to deal with and never, ever, let ourselves feel worthless, helpless or any other negative thing out there. We are ALL important....just in our own unique, individual ways, right?????
Here's to better days ahead!!!

Punk   :0)
"If I were any better....I'd only be half as good as you!!"

Awe Punk, I always have a good day no matter what I do. Even on high pain level days I tend to have a good day, especially when driller is around. He knows when my pain levels are high and for some reason will just get me laughing and I will forget about my pain for a while. Crazy but it works!!

As far as cooking goes, yes simplicity seems to be the norm - although I have learned to spice up some of those dishes. You know that a-1 steak marinade for the steaks is really good and not just for steaks. Crockpot meals, lots of baking of meats, etc. Simple things that take little or no constant bending to use of my arms.

Kitchen is set up user friendly just for me - meaning that I have things at easy reach for me so that I can grab the most used things quickly and without much hassle.

As you can tell the teen doesn't help much around the house - other than he does do his own laundry. I figured he could do that much since he doesn't do anything else around here.

We all make changes to our lives because of our injuries - somethings we give up and somethings we just find a better way of doing. I found I haven't given up to much really just found ways around doing what I have always done. Just more breaks than what I would have needed before.

I read this post when it started, but I have been busy with work, kids, kids soccer and such. But here is what I did when I have been off, and will be doing if I decide to get another surgery ( which I probably will). I have been on and off work since 2003. Since then, I found a passion for cooking. My wife would go to work, I would take the kids to school. Then I would plan out the meal, go to the store, come home do laundry, some cleaning, not to much because of my pain, cook, get the kids, take them to soccer or whatever sport they were doing at the time. I coached one of my kids teams, have been for a few years now, even before my injury. So basically Mr. mom. But it was and is cool, I liked it. Just started back at work a few months ago, and I kind of miss doing all that. But I fell better mentally, like I am contributing to my family more by working. But when work is slow or I have doctors appointments, I will get to do all that on those days. But most surprising to me and my wife was the cooking. It just kind of snowballed into a passion. That is one thing I still do almost everynight is cook the dinners and desserts. But when I was off work for a while, my wife and kids would come home to full on home cooked 3 course meals. Kind of funny for a construction worker from southern California.

Lip...sounds like you found a new passion!! Great!! I think we all find something new to keep us occupied within our restrictions....this one happens to benefit more than just you though!! I know my husband aleays liked to cook and when I got injured and couldn't stand up for very long at all he took over most of the kitchen duties and the boy's discovered how the dishes got cleaned!!! LOL Now, though, I'm able to do a few of the simpler dishes that we make and throw those together when we're in a time crunch...but I have to get permission it seems because this has now become a 'man's domain' at our house!! Between hubby and the boys....I don't get to get in there and have a say very often...they all love to cook!!
I'll go out on a limb here and say this for all women (injured or not): Thank you so much for learning that what goes on in the kitchen doesn't necessarily have to be done by a woman!!! Big Grin

Punk   :0)
"If I were any better....I'd only be half as good as you!!"

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