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Lortab and Ambien

If you are having trouble sleeping don't take Lortab right at bedtime.
It is known to actually keep people awake. Ambien is a pretty good sleep aid. If it is causing you to halucinate and act goofy ask the doctor to give you the regular Ambien and not the AmbienCR. The CR is the one that is causing people to sleep walk. You cannot split or cut the CR tablets or it won't work. They are a coated sustained released tablet. Regular Ambien 10mg. can be cut in half.

Thanks Stiff- Its not that I cant sleep, I cant get in a comfy position, which in turn keeps me up if that makes sense. Im only comfy sleeping on my right side, and thats the shoulder I had surgery on last month. This also happens on the nights I dont have the lortabs before bed. The dr prescribed ambien 10mg... not the cr's. Whew. Im already whacky, I dont need any other meds to make it worse.

Wikipedia says 10mg of ambien is equivalent to only 0.5mg of xanax, but I find that hard to believe as 10mg is the highest dosage ambien comes in and it costs more per pill than 2mg xanax bars. To those of you who have done both ambien and a benzo (preferably xanax or klonopin as those are the only ones I've done), how much would you say 10mg is equivalent to?


I saw the word lortab and had to mention I had a bottle in my kitchen, had to go to hospital last friday, came home and 17 out of 20 pills were missing. The only person that was in the house at that time was my 13 year old grandaughter. I confronted her and she said she did not take them. I guess I cant do anything about itl.

it is a scary time for many of us......we have meds that are worth alot of money on the street.....my meds are in the gun safe........it is a pain in the rear but it keeps our kids and grand kids safe and my meds safe....

........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......


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