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Day two, Edit issue

To all people that are signing up and re-regestering, during your Profile set-up, it would be great to simply apply your State, in the Location area. It will help in the future, so we won't need to constantly ask what State one is from, when we try to apply information to a Post. Plus don't forget, if you do not wish your E-mail address to show, to put a check mark in the Box that say's Hide E-mail. But I am so sure as we get use to this great new board, we will make changes to our profiles and such, as time goes on.

Please try to enjoy your weekend.... Cool

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Email addresses do not show up in your profile if you dont check the "hide"box. If you email a member, thats when your email address is exposed. Because the sender is you, not the forum.

Just wanted to let ya know, its doesnt just appear there in your profile. I emailed myself yesterday to check it out. lol and no I didnt answer myself either.

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