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Smokin' at Work, or was it Friday the 13th?

I always knew I was a fast worker and today proved it! I was stapling some packets together when my battery operated stapler started smoking. OMG, it freaked me out and I didn’t know what to do. I picked it up and started blowing on it, but it was too hot to handle so I tossed it from my left hand to my right, and then back to my left hand and then got up and ran to the back door with it. By this time, the whole office was filing up with smoke, and the smell of burning plastic. I kicked the back door open and threw the stapler out onto the concrete where it continued to smoke and melt. My heart was racing and when I came back into the office my supervisor was standing in front on me and guess what her words were, “Geeze, All we need is for you to have another injury!.” What a B****!

Let Go, and Let God......

crazy broad

........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......


I would have told her I.m saving the office from burning.

On The Road to Recovery

I had that happen to me once at work, only it was a small trash container with flames shooting out the top. I ran out the back door with it.

Little did I know an off-duty firefighter was in the resturant at the time.

I won't repeat what he said to me when I came back inside.

Oh geez, your boss sounds like mine.

Are your hands ok? They didnt get burned did they?

Big Grin Funny, I would of thrown it in the waste bucket, and pulled the fire alarm, then I bet you Boss wouldn't of said that to you... Tongue

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