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The system has failed

My question is....

when you have  a SSA judge actually alter your "permanent restrictions" that were a result of 2 workers comp doctors, 1 private doctor for a 3rd opinion, and a functionality exam which was performed by workers comp.  this judge sat there and changed EVERY one of my restrictions from NO..  to SOME  he actually magically made my 25% PPD // MMI  a new?
he then  read "his altered version " of my actual permanent restrictions to the clerk next to him,.. she stated i could be a "lot attendant"  which if i was able i would have already been doing.  yet upon research of that actual job..  it goes way beyond what my restrictions are.  I said "hey you cant just alter my restrictions.. and read each one again..."  and he said.... "thank you have a day"  and then a week later denied the claim. HOW IS THIS LEGAL?  i even went to the :appeals"...  thing and they said they didnt see anyithing wrong with the denial... yet they completely IGNORE the fact he had to CHANGE it to get it?

Whats worse is that workers comp themselves have left me to suffer as a burden on my family as  i after surgery was told  "you cannot go back to the job you had"  so when they told my employer that.. he said "i will create him a new position within his NEW restrictions"  so workers comp said OKAY.. and released me back to that.. .yet in under 6 months i was told i needed to start  going past my restrictions.. as "this aint workin"  as stated by the owner.... he then hired a new guy which i was to train to replace me.... and in another 8 months i was sent home .. the statement ... " nothing here that isnt past your restrictions"... after 10 years.. there.. i contacted workers comp.. they called the company the company told them i quit.. yet i had a voice recording of the owner who called me on the way home to tell me/.//  i needed to contact workers comp cause"  this aint working"  he fired me... i did get unemployment.. but because i had such  a shady workers comp company who fought me EVERY STEP of the way... they said since i quit they arent going to help me.... i tried the "hearing" route.... and at the hearing i wasnt even allowed to show the text messages to prove i did not quit.  now i cannot work ANYWHERE... SSA has also joined the frey and screwed me over.. and whats worse.. ? is that this all started from 2 herniated discs.. that THIS same company failed to address and they tore.. resulting in this whole thing.. and since then they have tried to brush me under the rug.. they have changed company names. like 2 times since..
Look... if a person can sue REDBULLL for not giving them winngs... then how is it i cannot sure one of these ?? for the nightmare im in now? 

What do i do? ( re posted this, as it was originally posted in the wrong area_)

Have an attorney look over your claims and see if there are grounds for an appeal.

Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.

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