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ok Heres an Update

ok heres an update from yesterday...You all know i went to a new dr and she gave me new limits when i went into work today i spoke with my human resource guy gave him the sheet and see if he could accomidate me well he said i dont think so we are gonna have to put you on temp disability which i really didnt want to do as im behind in bills as it is and i will know be lost without a paycheck for however long it takes them to go threw this/...Whith this said he called the insurance adjjuster now its someone else new to the case not the same lady ok well he called the dr and she changed her restrcitions and said i could still do my same job? what the hell is that? I told my emplyer there is now way i can do that he was willing to work with me but what can you do with limited use of left hand??/ well with that said he suggested i call and speak with the dr and find out whats going on so i did she called me back and before she did she spole with the ins adjuster and now she changed the restrictions again...well with that said as of tomorrow i am out on temp disabilty from what the adjuster said he has to investigate the claim to make sure it is work related how could it not be if i have numbness in arm possible cts and severe neck pain either sprain or pinched nerve and my job is repetive all day bending lifting use of hands come on??/ So what should i expect from here i am a little nervous???? My next drs appointment is next thursday which would make it 7 days so if she outs me back to work lets just say on friday which is 8 days then will i still get paid for those 7 i dont think she is gonna do that as my mri is on thursday after i see her so she will know nothing yet and i start therpay on wed so what does everyone think please let me know

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