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And The Fight Begins.... NY

Well... as of this date, Nothing has been done. My last mileage form hasn't even been touched. Can't do anything on the Carrier's website because they took all info off there.. It use to say my name, comp number, case worker name and contact number, place to upload forms too... all gone.
It also seems my lawyer isn't doing anything... I've got a list of dates and times for emails, texts and calls to his office.. I even went as far as sending him a copy of the mileage form that the office had to sign for.. just to make sure they got it. But the last 2 calls, I've been honestly lied to..... Secretary says I haven't emailed, texted, called or sent that form.... I said I have all the proof... But still nothing...
Lawyer told me I can close out Medical with a settlement that Medicare can't do nothing with.. since I'm at 75% MMI and 2 surgeons both agreed that surgery would do more harm than good... but according to the secretary, I can't close out Medical and get anything...
She tells me to call my case worker.. I asked HOW?? there's no nothing on the website... Besides, since I have a lawyer, everything has to be done through him. She says she'll get a hold of the Carrier for the info... Again I tell her since I have a lawyer, everything has to go through him.. And yes, when I had the info and called the worker listed, he said my lawyer has to call him..

So now you're up to speed.... Almost ready to call someone at Comp about this and find out if I can close Medical with a settlement, can I lessen the amount my lawyer gets since he really hasn't done anything....

Sounds like the window for a settlement has passed and you are on your own.
If there is no settlement where willl they get their fee?
N general, Attorney fee issues would go before the judge. If you can’t negotiate a reduced fee, you’ll have to file an objection and request a hearing. You’ll have to testify and present your evidence.

Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.

He doesn't get anything unless I get a settlement.... That's one thing I made certain of... I remember times that his secretary made me get paperwork because she couldn't be bothered to do it....

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