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Las Vegas trip???

Everytime my dad went to vegas, he was always comped his room and meals because of the amount he gambled. I will find out how he did this. This wasnt a once or twice thing, it was everytime. When he went to canada to gamble last month, he had the room comped there too. Since it would be cheaper for me to drive out there, then to fly thats probably the way i would go. Because its like 75.00 to fly the dog, and two round trip tickets. Not to mention a rental car if I flew. I would be passing thru many of the states that some of you live in, I dont have a large car, but I could stop by and pick up 1 or 2 of ya. (as long as you dont mind riding with a loud 3 1/2 yr old and a small doggy)


I am going to be in Peabody, Kansas. Don't know if we are arriving late Saturday night (graduation is on Sunday evening) or early Sunday morning. Will have to decide how long we will stay (both of us have to be back to work Tuesday morning). It's some where close to KSU as that is where his daughter has been accepted for the fall semester.

The only other place in Kansas that I have been in, is Smith Center. It is the geographical center of the Continental US. That would have been back in the summer of 1994. My brother and his family lived in Inavale, NE and we drove down just to say that we had been there ~LOL~. If we aren't far from you, would love the chance to meet up with you. I can always leave the boyfriend with his family. But no coffee for me UGH!!!! Guess I will have to settle for ice water. *giggles*

I've always been crazy, but it keeps me from going insane.
Happiness comes through doors you didn't even know you left open
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Cool!!! Keep me posted as to when and where and I'll make the trip. I'm in Sabetha, Kansas which is the far northeast corner...I'm actually just about 11 miles South of the state line on Hwy 75...so I'm familiar with both..more so on the KS side though!! We JAYHAWKS don't care to much for HUSKERS!!!! LOL Had to get my jab in!!! Tongue Fortunately, that's one weekend we don't have anything going on!! My boys will have their "graduations" on the 22nd and 23rd, respectively...so I'm free up until then!! There isn't even any baseball tournaments that weekend before or after!!! Yehaw!!
Like I said...keep me posted and I'll meet you for a "coke" or something, you name it...I'll be there!!! I'll consider it a date!

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Undercover Angel is right on the nose! Since I have been living in Henderson (a Suburb of Las Vegas) for almost 8 years now..her advice about gambling on the Strip is true. The Strip is nothing but a tourist trap although it is beautiful..do not gamble there! She is right! Go to the "local" places to play. Much better chances of winning there.
I myself am a "local" and live and play near Sunset Station in Henderson on Sunset Road.

As with Angel, if you have any questions about Las Vegas...feel free to ask!


Undercover Angel is right on the nose! Since I have been living in Henderson

Sheesh London ~LOL~ we might know each other and not even realize it. I too lived in Henderson and frequented Sunset Station, as well as Jokers Wild and the Lake Mead Lounge. Lived off of Boulder Hwy and Lake Mead. My roomie (when I was living there) works as security at Barleys on Sunset. Who'da thunk.

You'll be glad to know that my brother had returned to his roots and he is now living in Colorado. ~LOL~. But I will stay in touch and you can count on meeting. I just know for sure that we will be there on the 20th. (Who ever heard of having a graduation on a Sunday evening)?? Justanidiot is all ~LOL~.

Angel ^j^

I've always been crazy, but it keeps me from going insane.
Happiness comes through doors you didn't even know you left open

London53 ~ Can I assume we will be meeting you on our trip??? Hope so, the more the merrier...

anyone want to start figuring out dates yet or should we wait awhile??? Can't wait to awful long though or I'll be broke, LOL!

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I would love to go to vages(sp) but cant drive Sad. even if i could i wouldnt know how to get there i dont drive on the high way when i could drive before my injury all the traffic scares me i get nervousSad. so i guess i will be there in sprit(sp). i wish i could meet all of you. if it wasnt for this forum i dont know what i would do. if you ever come to topeka, ks let me know

Do on to others as you would want them to do on to you

Sure when y'all set a time an place. I'll be there!

That is so cool. back in 2000 and 2001 I was in a chat group called CU- video chat. there were people there from all over the world in 10/01 about 21 of us met in GA. from Seattle-Michigan, Florida-NY- Boston, Illinois, OK a few other places we had a blast weekend-then the same year some of the same and new ones met in Orlando-people from different states and Canada- Christmas that year some of the same and some from other places met at my house for a weekend holiday party-----Have any of you ever met?

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I can,t make it this summer as our flight and hotel are booked and paid for already, the 1st thru the 8th of October, and can,t afford to go x 2. Have been to Vegas many, many times and Love both the strip for sightseeing all the fantastic new hotels and casinos, and great shows , have seen most of the headliners, But agree the chanches of winning are better on Freemont street ( old Vegas ). There are many freebies also like day trips to Laughlin with a free buffet, Hotel rates are cheaper downtown also. I,am not a big gambler, bum around during the day and gamble at nite You do not need a car to get around in Vegas, there are many modes of transportation, such as city buses, shuttles from hotel to hotel, The new Monarail ( is expensive ) The Trolly, Cabs, and my all time favorite Good old Foot power. I could go on and on but this is not a travel advisor forum so will say Have fun.........

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