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Admin's Cool Tip Line

Note from Admin: This thread was originally created 4/14/2007. We have "restuck" (is that a word?) the thread for some of the newer members, and will add more to it shortly.

Hi all. I have to say that I'm working late tonight just to watch everyone "discover" the new board. It's great to see everyone having such a good time. Looks like Christmas morning with everyone around the tree, playing with new toys.

I have decided to open this thread to provide tips and hints on how to use this system. I'll post different items here over the next few weeks. You will note the thread is 1) "sticky" - it will stay at the top, and 2) closed to posting - just want to keep it uncluttered.

Here is the first tip: When you are on the home page of this board, at http://www.workerscompensation.com/forums/general/ (you can also get there by clicking on the "WorkersComp Discussion Forums" link at the upper left on this box), scroll down below Categories to the "Board Statistics" box. There you will see who has been online in the last 15 minutes. The coolest part of this is clicking on the "Complete List" link next to "Who's Online". This produces a complete list of not only who is online, but where they are, and what they are currently doing on the board.

I thought you'd like that.....

Here's another tip:
When looking at the menu of all available threads, try clicking on the number in the column labeled "Replies". A pop up box will tell you who has responded to the initial post of that thread, and how many posts they made in it. That way you can quickly look for a specific responder without opening every thread.

Here is another good tip - suggested by several of our regulars:

Post your state in your bio, so people can answer your questions! Rules, laws and procedures vary a great deal from state to state (If you don't believe me, click on "Info By State" in the top navigation bar on this page). If we don't know what state you are in no one can provide a competent response.

Todays subject is Avatars - notably animated avatars....

OK - Now that you are getting settled in - ask yourself:
We are seeing many creative avatars show up, but does your animated avatar distract from your message? Do people spend their time reading what you have to say, or will your avatar make them miss your message?

IMHO, animated avatars aren't a bad thing. The level of animation does make a difference in level of distraction. Sometimes less is more.......

Here is another tip: Have you set up your Buddy List? It's a great way to know whether your friends are online, and a quick way to PM them. Go into your User Control Panel and scroll down the left and click on Buddy/Ignore List. There you can enter your "Buddies", so when you click on "Buddy List" in the top info box you can quickly see who and who is not online. Convenient PM links are also provided.

Ok, Tip #6 has nothing to do with the board, per se, but is a chance to show your friends how you've helped make this site the most popular workers' comp site in the world...

WorkersCompensation.com ranks #1 in relevance on Google, MSN Search and Yahoo for the phrase "workers comp". For the phrase "workers compensation", we are #1 on Google and MSN and #2 on Yahoo. That is out of 21,000,000 matches. We don't pay for that positioning. We've earned it, and people like you have helped make it happen.

Here is something cool to try (at least for us, but we are easily amused). Go to google.com, type in "workers comp" or "workers compensation" (quotes not necessary) and hit "I'm Feeling Lucky". See where they take you. Show your friends. All of them. Twice.

Thank you. That concludes our shameless promotion for the evening.

#7 - If you are interested in a particular thread, you can "Subscribe" to it. When you are reading the thread, you can find the link in the lower left. When you subscribe to a thread, we'll email you when anyone makes a new post.

Quick and Convenient.

# 8 - Related to the topic "Rest Your Weary Minds":
You can make yourself invisible on this board, if you prefer to surf in privacy.
Go to UserCP>Edit Options and check "Hide me from the Who's Online list."

This will hide you from the public view.

#9: Here is a cool tip courtesy of ChrisChris:

If you want to edit just the title of your thread, you can do it from the directory of threads from any forum. Just place the cursor on the thread title and hold it down. The box will open up to allow you to edit. You can only do this on threads that you have started, and you have to be logged in.

Admin input: This is a very neat feature, as it will allow you to edit the thread title without even refreshing the page. I'll include another editing tip using the same technology (called AJAX) after this one. Thanks Chris!

#10: After a post is made, you have the ability to edit it. If you click on the edit box at the bottom right area of the post, you get two options. One is "Full Edit", which gives you all the edit options (font type, color, size, smileys, etc.). The other option is "Quick Edit". It will open your post as an editable box right on the page and allow you to do simple edits without having to refresh the page or go through a lot of hassle.
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