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There are a few places on the web that you can download some free avatars. I havent had a chance yet to look thru these sites, but plan to shortly.

I have one I use here at home that I wonder if I can use it also and how to do it?

Thanks J for the avatar sites...I'll have to go and take a look! Maybe I can find one that fits my name....ya think?

Tuffy, if you're using it for something else I believe you can copy and paste it to your profile page under the change avatar. And, if you know where it is you can browse your computer for it with the browse option. Try looking in "my documents" or "my pictures" might find it there. Just browsing any of your folders you might find it. Try it, it might work!!

Punk   :0)
"If I were any better....I'd only be half as good as you!!"

You can also do a google search for what youre looking for. For example I wanted a crown. I did crown+avatar.

Hope this helps Smile

Well, must of been the drugs today, but got the task done. Cool


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Big Grin 

OOOOOOO very nice, badboy... I like it, I like it!

tuffy you can find the avatar,hover your mouse(track ball pointer) over it,right click,,,,save as,,,,,save it to where ever you like then up load it here,,,

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