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excellent site

glad i found it!! injured workers talking to injured workers instead of some H.R. peeps.

bi-lateral cts and cUts, both right and left cts surgery rh., open-release, 11/30/2005 ulnar nerve transpositon surgery, rh. 12/03/2006 cts surgery, endoscopic release and ulnar nerve transposition surgery, lh. 01/03/2007

good to see that you found the new site

Yes, we like our new site!! Admin catered to a few of us 'old' members and our requests...for which we're very grateful!!!

Welcome to our little corner of the world! Feel free to ask us questions, tell a funny, vent when things are going rough and even give us your opinions. We try to let everyone know that we are ALL IW giving each other our OPINIONS ONLY. We are not professionals in the world of Workers Compensation...we're living this nighmare just as you are. Some of us are further into our claims than others are and have many, many experiences to draw from, which in turn helps the rest of us out. Admin offers up great advice when needed....so do many others, simply because we've lived it and want to have others learn from what has happened with us. Maybe even learn from our mistakes!! Of course, anything we might advise....YOU have to make the decision of whether or not to follow our lead or ignore it...either way they choice is yours!! Our are only opinions!! Always, your attorney or legal representative will be the advice you follow!! We never intend for our replies to be taken as legal advice.....I'm sure you can understand that!
Again, welcome and we hope you enjoy our new home as much as we do!!

Punk   :0)
"If I were any better....I'd only be half as good as you!!"

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