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A question about the internet

I have internet service thru my local phone company.

It is affordable and living in the country there are not many options of service providers out here.

I have a router that is pluged into my phone jack, and use a HP desk top which is wireless.

The router has 4 lights on the top, the light on the right is the power light, the 3 lights on the left are, WLan DSL, and internet

The brand of router is ZyXel.

My computer works fine but I have been having problems with the internet connection being very slow or not working at all.

I have notice 2 of the 3 lights blinking on the left of the router when I have problems with the internet. The blinking lights are WLan and internet.

Yesterday I called tech support with my service provider and explained the problem. They had me unplug the router for a period of time and then plug it back in.

I unpluged the router left it unpluged for the suggested amount of time, pluged it back in and I had internet.

When I asked what was causing the problem they said the lights were blinking because of traffic.

My question is, what is traffic when it comes to the internet & router?

Bummer Knees

with mine it would mean someone was tapping/using my wireless access.. My wireless access account has a 26 number security, does yours...? Also, is your desktop next to your router, if it is you would gain speed by using the ethernet cable instead of wireless.. At least with mine its that way...

You have DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) service, which can be bogged down by network traffic at times. The blinking lights, however, should only reflect activity passing through your router. With DSL, the wireless transmission rates are technically faster than your baud (data transfer) rate, so physically hooking the computer by Ethernet cable will likely make no difference.

You really want to make sure your wireless is encrypted, using WPA standard protection. Check with your provider - they can assist you with that. If you have not locked that down, anyone near your home could be using your internet. A lawyer here in town found the FBI breaking down his door at 6:00 one morning, arresting him for trafficking in kiddie porn. Turns out the actual culprit lived in a boat on the bay outside the lawyers condo. He had been tapping into the guys open wireless for months.

Thanks Admin I will make a call to tech support with the service provider.

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