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any suggestions?

Rolleyes Ok my new found friends I need a little more advise please...since talking to my new attorney today...he advised it will be very difficult (but not impossible) to get a fair settlement because of the way my original attorney handled (or lack of handling properly) my case...He further stated that the medical insurance could come after me for payments (already in collections as you all know) anyway in addition to filing a complaint with the state of Illinois bar association, anyone have any other suggestions in regards to going after this idiot...oh yes my new guy said I would have to pay the other one his due!!!!!!! this is amazing.....I do want to let you know that I have contacted EEOC and in the process of reporting my Chief to the State bureau of ident as bad boy/tuffy suggested....hopefully they can help...another tidbit (just have to get this off my mind) My Chief hired an Officer from another Department in Illinios who is receiving disability/pension from that department...he is about 300LBS and has a brace he has to wear on his leg....Personally I liked the guy very much...but I do not know how this can be...(what happens if he gets hurt on the job) I wonder if they will pay him and give him workman's comp? thanks for the help again...and for letting me vent....and they wonder why some people flip out....

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