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Failed Spinal Fusion at S1-Pelvis area

I had fallen on the ice on March 5th of 2007. I did not have time to catch myself and ended up slamming down on my lower back and butt. The fall caused my right leg to constantly lock up walking. Since I did not take time off work from where I fell, WCB didn't do anything for me. I continued to suffer. I would take short walks and then take a break. For like 2 years my right leg was locking up. In April 2nd of 2009 I was loading two computers into my vehicle from work. When I was loading the 2nd computer I heard a snap in my lower right side of my back. I have not worked since. Now that I was on WCB time, then had me in for a nerve root block injection within 2 weeks of being on WCB. This actually backfired and made the pain unbearable. I then met with an orthopedic surgeon and he said my spine had moved 25 percent off my pelvis and that I would now require a major operation where they break the spine at the pelvis. I had to go in on March 23, 2010 for a major 6 hour spinal fusion. The surgeon put a fake disc between my S1 to pelvis and managed to only get my spine back 12.5 percent instead of 25 percent. The surgeon fastened 4 big screws to keep the fusion still. He used a bone site from my hip to bone graph the fusion area. Instead of the doctor removing my L5 bulging disc causing extreme nerve root (Sciatica) pain running down my right leg to my right foot, he shaved the L5 disc down so it was not impinging my nerve root.

Since the surgery, my pain has become worse. I now have numbness in my right quad and partial right foot numbness. The pain in my back and right leg and foot are the same if not worse since the surgery. I have to take one 20 mg OXY and a percocet every 4 hours just to bare the pain enough, but not enough to have a regular day.

When I walk for more than 50 meters the fusion area where I have the 4 big screws just burns with pain and my L5 disc "Scar tissue" causing my sciatica pain down my right leg to my right foot becomes so unbearable I end up spending 80 percent of my day in bed.

Since my surgery, WCB treated my operation like a success which it was not. They tried putting me in physiotherapy and it just aggravated the nerve root down my leg. After physiotherapy didn't help, WCB put me in an 8 week coimplex RTW program at the Canadian Back Institute. I actually thought I was going to die over the 8 weeks of this program. Considering I could only sit, stand or walk for 20 minutes at a time, CBI had me wait in the waiting room on my first day for more than an hour. After I walked up to the receptionist and told her that I either need to lie down somewhere to take the weight off my back to ease the pain. The doctor happened to be reviewing my file at the desk and he didn't like me after I asked to lie down. After going into see this doctor, he gave me clearance to work. I couldn't believe it. This doctor said that he worked in 3 continents and went on and on, and I knew he knew the routine for the test and barely did any before clearing me for work.
I met with my surgeon the next day and my surgeon said if I was sent back to work that I would most likely fail as I had limited tolerances of sitting, standing and walking. WCB put me on a couple Windows 7 courses. Normally you have to go down to an office tower and take your courses in the classroom but because of my extreme pain they send me a handsfree polycom phone so I could take the courses while lying in bed.
I finished both courses by mid October 2010 even though it was hard to concentrate on narcotic pain medication. WCB told me then they would pay for 3 months of job search. They would not listen to my pain symptoms because they can't measure pain so they don't use it. WCB had my surgeon write in his Sept 30th report that I would benefit from another orthopedic examination from another surgeon. Of course WCB brought in a retired back surgeon up in Edmonton to have me fly there from Calgary to have an IME completed on Oct 28th, 2010. After the surgeon completed his exam he ordered another MRI and CT-Scan on my back. The MRI came back with moderate to severe scar tissue impinging my L5 disc area and nerve root down my leg. Months later on January 10th, 2011, the surgeon up in Edmonton wrote an addendum to WCB and stated that I was now ready to return to work. I couldn't believe that someone paid by WCB can just make a decision when really I have become worse with pain than better and my surgeon knows I have not improved a bit since my operation. My WCB Case manager called me on Jan 12, 2011 to say that this retired surgeon has cleared me to work and then she not only ended my WCB benefits and had the nerve to call me a "FAKER". I was mad, and called her an idiot and she hung up on me.

I have now been lying in bed for 2 years probably 80 percent of the day in major pain taking my pain meds every 4 hours and now WCB is gone and I have been fighting CPP disability. I met all their criteria except that even though my pain is prolonged and severe that they failed me on that it won't most likely result in death. Like how can I only be eligible for CPP disability if I die? It is ridiculous! I really dislike the support you get when you back surgery becomes a failure.
I met with my surgeon on February 3rd, 2011 and he told me verbally that I fell in the 1 percent bracket of surgical failures and that I was in no better shape than prior surgery last March of 2010. Do you think he wrote that down on my WCB report? Nope. Just that I have been consistantly disabled since my operation. My surgeon told me that I should have an epidermal steriod injection but after already having a failed nerve root block injection with cortozone, I will not go for other injections to cover up the pain. I heard of leaky spinal cords after those injections and I just don't want my spine to get any worse than it already is.

I find that the WCB system is corrupt and treat everyone like a success with their operations and then cut you off as they get their doctors to report exactly what they want to hear.

Due to the weight on my fusion area while sitting or walking I am limited to probably an hour in total on medication and then I have to lie down for most of the day after. My right leg starts to beat like a heartbeat around midnight so bad that it becomes almost impossible to sleep. My body goes through a flash heat spell about once a night where I just start overheating and dripping in sweat and it only lasts for about 10 minutes.

Back in 2003 I broke the top of my femur off inside my hip off the ball downhill skiing on a black diamond run. After getting 3 five inch screws to join my femur to my ball thru the hip, I was at work a week later on crutches without a cast. When I was young I broke my right arm twice.

This radicular pain I am experiencing in my lower back down my right leg more than the left leg to my feet has to be the most severe pain I have ever had to deal with in my life and honestly I can't see myself ever working again.
http://brent.frogcode.net for comments

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Maximum rotation point for sacral stabilization before one becomes a paraplegic is usually18%. Your 25% would mean that you would of had absolutely no movement below that point period after impact. But that is most people. The spine can and will move more in kids, especially those who have Scoliosis, but that takes years.

I don't doubt some of the problems you have, stabilization of sacral area is important.

Your early on damage to your femoral hip might of possibly allowed for more rotation than normally seen radiological firms. Plus the movement of any nerves within that area.

I would ask about a pain infusion pump implanted under the skin to aid your chronic pain to see if that would allow you movement.

Sounds like you have been worked over hard, Wc can be a corupt system that many dont get the propper treatment.. Have you ever had any of these injections before....? They are safer then what they used to be, for they are done under live exray/scope. I have had lots, 13 intotal over 1 1/2 years, some helped some dont... I have been fused at the SI and plates through out the hip and pelvis and am on the same pills as you but with gabapentin for the nerve pain.... I hope somthing gets better for you........Here is a pic of my hip & pelvis area(pain 24/7)

.jpg 3rd exray 4-3-2008.jpg Size: 38.54 KB  Downloads: 12

(03-14-2011, 07:48 PM)bodybuilder1958 Wrote:  Original post deleted, since account was apparently accessed by unauthorized party
This is not my post, don't know who or how someone did this post. If you wish me to never post on this forum again then keep it up. I am a surgical technologist, certified first, I've done hundreds of surgical procedures in all surgical fields. I have knowledge, I have experience, that's all. If I have harmed anyone by my posts then let me know personally and I will no longer post at all, I will leave this forum.


HHHMMmmm, now this is wierd, I'm confused on this... Maybe have to change your pass word. Obviously if it wasnt you, then some one has your pw.

Okay, this is a mess, after some investigations and phone calls I know who is to blame.
Yes, my grandmother did ball room dancing, up until her death at age 86 yrs of age. She took it up after my grandfather died 14 yrs before.... She never had a hip replacement. Two surgeries in her 87 years of life, that was all, a ovarian cyst at age 26 and a lumpectomy done at age 79, that was all that I am aware of and I have her medical records. She took up dancing when my grandfather died after a 30+ absence to raise children. Yes she died of an aneurysm. I remember when my grandfather came to visit when I was 14 and he talked about her great dancing legs and wished that he could see them again.

Changing my password again and perhaps a few other things.

Understand bodybuilders account has been high jacked by an unstable individual
She sent me an e-mail warning me about this happening.

The post I see on this thread are not words of her knowledge and love.

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