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Going for TX BRC - any advice?

Hi everyone,
Have been out of touch...still fighting denied claim (medical and benefits). I go to first benefit review conference tomorrow morning (11/16/10). Issues are: 1) employer report of injury after 30 days (verbal report day after injury not followed up on by boss and now she says "I never told her"; 2) existence of compensable injury; and 3) Disability/existence - duration.

I don't know what to expect. The carrier sent me to a 2nd RME last month, who contradicted everything my prior doctors have said. He's high in the WC heirarcy (teaches how to do MMI and impairment ratings, etc.), and he basically says I'm fine and have no compensable injury or disability. He teaches how to do these evaluations, yet he took no measurements of range of motion or strength, X-rays, etc. - so how does he know? My lawyer seems to have lost interest in my case after that report.

I just plan to state my case, stay composed as much as possible and try to not get into complaining about how messed up this entire system is. Still in pain and still can't work.....also have been terminated from job after FMLA ran out and not released for full-duty (no light-duty available in my career).

Any advice out there from you pros????
Thanks for any help........

/Texas - Sprain/arthosis and early arthritis base of left thumb - DOI: 3/25/10

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