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Can a person get SSI while waiting for SSDI??

Hey Friends,
Well I applied for SSDI on July 8th,2010 and When I did as some of you know, I took Every record,MRIs,X-RAYS,Etc..Every doctor record I had and could get with me for my appointment and handed it over to SS during my 45min Application summary for Disability Insurance Benefits.I did get back a Personal Pain/Fatigue Questionnaire and a Function report plus a Previous work sheet that I had to say for 5 jobs that I had back 15 years what exactly I did during the day how much I lifted 2/3rds of the day 1/3rd of the day and had to walk during the day how much also all in Hours of an 8 Hr day.Since then I have been to one of my doctors for a shot to calm down the sciatic nerve and another MD back specialist that I had written him a letter to explain to me what is exactly wrong with my back and he wrote back telling me he has done everything that he can for me I have Degenerative disc disease and to try to try and walk and move as much as I can and my Doctor from my pain clinic that has me on Morphine sulfate 60 mg every 12 hours and just raised to 100 mg was on Avinza 120 but couldnt afford the $600 a month and hydrocodone 10/500 and flexeril 10 mg at night for help sleeping.I also gave SS a Physicians Statement from my Doctor from the pain clinic that says"If still incapacitated,is the disability reasonably expected to be permanent and he wrote yes it was.Can a person get SSI if I meet the income guidelines for now while waiting to get the SSDI!I am hurting here body wise and moneywise.What are my options I havent been able to work in over 2 years now.Thanks for your time!!Born[/size][/font]

Yes, SSI is State, SSDI is Federal.

Reply's are intended solely for informational purposes. They are based on personal opinions, experience, or research and are "not to be taken as fact or legal advice", otherwise, always consult an attorney or a doctor.

I am in IOWA.I was told by the Attorney that SSI is also federal? Also he told me that I could get SSI while waiting for my SSDI and the time of getting SSI was to be shorter but still quite awhile?It seems like when I applied for the SSDI the girl at the SSA seemed to say she could get that started right away and with the SSDI she couldnt.How much pull does the girl at the SSA office have on these claims that she just types into the computer after asking you questions?Does she have any say in the process? Only one of my jobs came back on my denial letter saying I could still be a parts clerk and I did used to be a parts advisor(automotive)back in the early 90s but I guess they dont understand that there are alot of heavy parts to lift,bending to get parts off of the bins lots of standing,Etc.. And I cant do that anymore I have a hard enough time around the house.And what about taking all these narcotic meds everyday and night can a person take all of these and work?This system is so screwed up we pay all our lifes for this insurance so if we need it someday it will be there but we have to fight for it?They can spend all this money rebuilding another country but the cant take care of us here in the USA??What a mess!Thanks,Born

Born that lady in your SS office has more power than you think......she is your first door to open ..... on your paperwork she is letting them know what she feels..... does she feel you are disabled? do you need to be pushed to the front of the line or can you wait......she can be your best friend get to know her name....mine got me thru in just a few months......course throwing up in her trash can didnt hurt none....

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I have been waiting since May for my SSDI checks so I applied for ssi girl from Social Security Office scheduled a telephone interviiew and during the interview she told me I cant apply for SSI until they figure out what my SSDI check amount would be.
So I went and applied for welfare got food stamps and medicaid but no cash.

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I was told at the time that my attorney applied for my SSDI, that the application was also for SSI. I was rejected for SSI as in the state of TX, you can only have an income of $276 per month to qualify. At the time, I was receiving a little over $500 a month in wc IIB's. Call your worker at SS and see if she also applied for SSI benefits for you, based on your present income. If not, ask her to do so.

Also, be advised, that if you have a spouse that is bringing in an income, you probably won't qualify for SSI as her income is also included.

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Borninabarn, it's been good to here from you, it's been a long time. I do hope you can keep us up to date with what takes place with you and all. Like I said, it's good to hear from you again.

Reply's are intended solely for informational purposes. They are based on personal opinions, experience, or research and are "not to be taken as fact or legal advice", otherwise, always consult an attorney or a doctor.

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