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Let me try this again, the last time some how it was deleted.

Badboy- As usual, I appreciate your help and your wanting to look out for me. I do think somewhere Im not being clear on things, so again Im going to explain.

If im having a painful day and evening, I will hold out until 30 mins before going to bed to take something for the pain. ( this isnt everynight)

The ambien I took right before walking into the bedroom to go to sleep, so 30 mins after the pain med.

Ive taken pain meds at night long before Ive had this *BAD* of a sleep issue. Normally, with or without meds, Id wake up a couple of times thru out the night, but would still get 4-7 hrs of sleep depending on what time I went to bed.

This major sleep issue started right after surgery, I cannot get comfortable in bed. I prefer to sleep on my right side and thats the side I had the surgery on. So then I try to sleep on my left side, and it feels like its pulling the shoulder (the bad one) so that too makes it very uncomfortable. I cannot sleep on my back, I have problems breathing, even if my pillow is propped up. Ent said that if I want to have surgery on my sinuses, then that would improve, didnt want surgery, moved to Arizona instead, where they problems went away and came back shortly after I moved back to MI.

I have taken Ambien, lunesta and valium before for sleep. Sleep meds worked just fine for me before I had Geena. I would get 8 hrs of sleep no problem, wake up feeling nice and refreshed. Since Geena was born, when she was an infant, Dr gave me ambien to try and help me sleep, since I was a very nervous mom, I wasnt sleeping at all at night, not even an hr. Well, it didnt work. At that time, the dr said something about subconsciously (sp), I wasnt allowing the meds to work, due to not wanting to fall into that deep of a sleep with an infant around. Tried them again a year or so later, still, they didnt work, different dr said the same exact thing. *I* wasnt allowing them to work.

I didnt take one last night, check the time for my latest post, 4 something AM. I dont plan on taking one tonight either, the 7+ hrs the other night is all I needed for a while. The dr said it will be about a month more of this lack of comfort at bedtime, then I should be able to sleep just fine on the shoulder.

The night before when I took one, then later took another 1/2, and got some sleep, I had Geena sleep in my bed next to me, thinking I wouldnt worry as much. And I got some sleep Smile The first night when it didnt work to well, Geena wasnt near me. So, Im almost positive the drs are correct, its my silly mind not letting the med work.

I hope im not sounding defensive, Im just trying to make the picture a little more clear for you to see Smile I understand and appreciate your concerns. All my meds are filled at the same pharmacy. The pharmacist has been VERY good about letting me know when and when not to take certain medications. He even writes it on the bottle for me. lol he even knows my voice on the phone, thats how much I call to make sure of things too. (things for geena as well, not always me)

With all the above being said, I surely hope Ive explained things fully.

Thanks again Bad Boy!!! What would I do without ya Smile

Prncess, you are so very correct. Our minds can stop medications from taking affect. I seen my cousin told by a Doctor, that if he lives through the night, his chance of living then will be high. The tried to medicate him, to force him to rest, and put him at ease. They pumped enough medication in him to knock out 10 people, yet he held off, till the doctor came in the next morning, and said he would live and be fine. he then, feel asleep. What you say is so very correct. Ok, if I don't worry about you, who will, LMAO Tongue


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I take it all at bedtime. Temazepam (Restoril) for sleep, Soma for muscle relaxation, Norco for pain, Desipramine for depression.

In the morning I take all my vitamins and 'wake up' pills.

I don't know if it depends on the AD your taking or not - My AD is taken at night before bed. Great time right - but it's used also for pain relief plus the added mental adjustment.

Bad boy since we are on the same AD - I think - are you on the XR one? - I am surprised your doctor has you take it in the morning since it can make you drowsy. Now I do have to have some time between taking that and taking my topamax, but as far as the pain med - no problem with that - but like princess, I probably don't take it often enough to really count.

Although princess - I know what you mean about sleep - I got about 2 nights of good sleep - ortho did a cortisone shot in my shoulder and after the first day of increased pain - it settled down some and I was able to get some good sleep and now back to normal - 3-4 hours.

badboy-I love your avatar. Very cool and flashy. Feel free to worry about me, but I do think Ive made it over the hump and Im on my way to mental happiness Smile Plus I wouldnt do anything to myself knowing that it could harm me, I have tons to live for Smile


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