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CRPS Colorado Work Comp

(10-23-2021, 11:38 PM)Healingrose81 Wrote:  Thank you all in advance who read and comment. I'll try to be brief.

We have a lawyer.

Husband is still employed as a Depute Sheriff but hasn't worked in over a year due to an Achilles injury that developed into CRPS after the surgery to repair it. We believe the surgery caused it because onset of symptoms was after surgery. Injury date was October 2020. Surgery was February 2021. CRPS was diagnosed June 2021.

We tried everything the doctors wanted us to do and nothing helped the pain. We spent several thousand on our own treatment, Calmare Scrambler Therapy, which has decreased his pain significantly and allowed him to reduce pain medication by 50%. With continued treatments there is a good chance they could get CRPS into remission but the work comp doc refuses to recommend it to be paid for. However, both the physical therapist, (who is a doctor), and the surgeon agree Calmare helped and should be continued. What is our best option to get this treatment covered by work comp in the settlement and possibly be reimbursed for what we've spent already?

My husbands symptoms include:
Pain, (yes, it's less, but flair ups still occur from time to time and you never know when or how long they'll last. At least now, they subside whereas before it was constant and relentless pain.)

Virtually no rom in the right foot so he cannot drive.

Stabbing pain in the tendon because onset of CRPS prevented proper healing after the surgery.

Impaired cognition in the way of making decision, gathering thoughts, being able to express a though, stumbling over words, and inability to cope.

Triggers like stress, standing, lack of sleep and walking will start a flair up.

He has to use a cane to walk and cannot walk far distances. For that, he has to use a knee walker.

He is unable to wear anything on his foot besides a thong style sandal. In winter months or when it's raining, he has to stay inside as the cold of snow or feeling of rain triggers intense pain.

I have read in CO it is nearly impossible to get a whole person impairment, but under these conditions, what job is he ever supposed to do?

My prayer is that with Continued Calmare treatments in conjunction with PT, he might be able to get this into remission but it will probably take several years of work. What can we hope for or expect from work comp in this situation. Not asking for crystal ball predictions, I'm just trying to understand the system better.

Thank you all again.

i think you are confusing Permanent Total Disability with an impairment rating. a whold person impairment rating is used to determine duration of additional disability payments. it's given as a percentage (0-100). a 100% rating is considered Permanent Total Disability e.g. cannot ever work any job. less then 100% is Permanent Partial Disability.
Colorado has online calculators to help.
a rating is given by a physician when they believe the injured has reached maximum medical improvement.
there is more detailed information here

Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.

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