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Participating in clinical trials with a WC claim.

(02-17-2016, 05:03 PM)California_Help Wrote:  I disagree that stage I establishes a product or drug is safe. This is tested on a small group of people. After stage III the FDA will review the trial data and determine if the drug is safe and effective. Were you given the results of the last two trials including side effects?

I would not worry about your work comp claim being an issue if you are fine with possibly being responsible for any side effects. I was giving worse case scenario and have no idea if your work comp carrier would take responsibility is anything occurred from the trial, as they might.  I hope this medication works for you.

I'm familiar with clinical research.  Phase I is primary testing for safety, II is primary dose range and effectiveness vs the placebo, but also a further investigation of safety.  III is the large clinical trial.  I have read through the complete phase II trials, it includes the results and side effects.  You are correct, even many drugs that have been accepted are not 100% safe.  There is always risk.  

I'm not concerned with work comp not providing benefits for side effects, I would not expect them to take responsibility for that, I'm worried about getting kicked out of the trial because I had filed for work comp.

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