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How Quiet It Is Here - billybubba - 01-08-2022

Wow - I have not visited this board in many years. Not sure why I wandered in today. This off topic forum used to be the happening spot. Very quiet now.

RE: How Quiet It Is Here - admin - 01-09-2022

Yes, politics turned out to be the "third rail" for the vibrant community in the Off Topic Area back when you were active. We had quite the disruption over the 2008 election, and, if memory serves, that is when we lost a good number of regular contributors over the emotions those online arguments created. Quite regrettable. The Off Topic section still maintained fairly regular traffic, but it never returned to the levels of that period.

Spammers have also forced us to tighten registration processes, which means people have not been able to make immediate posts and queries. That has slowed down the interaction here.

This forum has also experienced some significant technical issues in the past year that we admittedly were very slow to address. We just this past week took advantage of the quieter period over the holidays to do a complete system upgrade and bring the system up to current version, which should mean it looks cleaner and functions like it is supposed to. Also, it is our hope that with new security protocols within this version of the software, we can start relaxing the registration process, giving people more immediate access when they have a question.

RE: How Quiet It Is Here - 1171 - 01-10-2022

Thank you bob.
I know this update has been a long time coming. Providing a place where visitors can ask for specific help for their situation is a great service to the workers compention community. Im glad to be a part.

RE: How Quiet It Is Here - admin - 01-11-2022

Thanks. Too long, to be honest. It has been a crazy couple years, but we're glad to have this board back in top form from a technical perspective. Appreciate your very long tenure and support. You've helped an awful lot of people.