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How many of you have massive amounts of mp3's on your hard drives? Only counts if you have music u actually like or listen too, no mp3 download whoring Tongue Mine is over the course of a couple years. I would have more except for the horrible hard drive crash of 2003. Only had half of it backed up Sad

Currently: 32.4GB, 6,623 songs, 650 folders Smile


I had just over 4,000 songs saved before my puter crashed. Since I had to do a system restore, I lost them all.... I got all mine from They are a free download site. I had 70's, 80's, 90's music. I also had an over abundance of childrens music for my daughter.
Yea i get my singles through LW, but if i want a full cd i use bittorrent and grab it all at once


There arent too many full cd's that I like. Why waste the space on my hard drive ya know?

is that other site a free site?
Bittorent is a program used to download larger files, full games, etc. is the official site, but i get my torrents free from and/or
Cool....OKAY you two...I have alway wanted to know how to download music to my computer. Please tell all..and how. No RAP. Love old rock n roll, country, pretty much all music...but I want to be able to understand the words and I don't want them screaming at exciting. Thanks Rob for bringing up the subject.
Without getting into the illegal end of things, i will explain it in a PR acceptable way Smile

You can get Limewire from, download this and install it. When in limewire, choose search for audio. Enter a name of an artist or song, or even both, and click search. To download simply double click on the one of your choice.

Now you want to be sure you never download any mp3's you dont own a legal copy of. IE if you own the cd, it is legally acceptable to posess an mp3 of a song from said cd on your computer for backup purposes. I obviously dont own all those cd's, but were going for PR Wink

Be sure to install antivirus programs before using any p2p, downloading, etc application, as some people upload nasty stuff disguised as music. Always look for music who's filenames are accurate and neat. For example, lets say you search for ACDC, Hells Bells. Some results may be:

acdc - hellz bells(1)
acDC - hells bells (REAL OMG)

etc etc. I dont download them unless they look like this:

ACDC - Hell's Bell's. The lack of commas would be ok, but a file named properly with capitals and such show the creator took his or her time, and you are much more likely to get a quality file.