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Full Version: ESIS has to be the worst insurance company on the face of the earth!!!
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Have anyone ever had to deal with ESIS as their Workers Comp insurance carrier ??
I read some of the reviews for this company and I
Don’t understand how they are even allowed to stay in business.If anyone ever had to deal with them ‘ I’m curious to know how was your experience because mine so far is not too good.I was injured a month ago and the claim was accepted but for whatever reason’ I can’t get a return phone call or any medical attention.I  was hoping I didn’t  have to hire a lawyer but since they ghosted me ‘ I had no choice.All I want is some medical attention’ I hope I’m not asking for too much.Im starting to believe the company I work for didn’t actually have Work Comp insurance for the location I work at and they ran out and got some pos company after the fact to cover it up..
Your employer was insured. ESIS is not an insurance company. It is a TPA (Third Party Administrator), which is hired by an insurance company to manage their claims. It is owned by Chubb Insurance, although that doesn't necessarily mean the insurance company is Chubb. What state are you in? No one can offer any specific advice if they don't know your state.
I’m in Georgia
Contact your employer directly about getting a panel of physicians from which you can select a treating doctor.
In an emergency you can go to any emergency room.
Contact the adjusting agent in writing or email; this will document your contact efforts and provide
Evidence of unreasonable delay and grounds for penalties.
I didn't realize that I responded to you in another thread, but I am curious about something. Was this a re-injury from an old claim? Or a new injury? I am a bit surprised that you seem unfamiliar with the system, since you settled an injury claim in December of 2015, and had a lawyer at that time. Your confusion about workers' comp now baffles me a little bit.
This is a new claim ‘ on the settled claim I had a attorney from day one ‘ so I didn’t have to handle much on my own.This time I figured this would be a simple claim a few doctor appointments and maybe some physical therapy and then back to work.I soon discovered that I was way above my head because I was completely ignored by the insurance company ‘ so I did have to seek the help of a attorney.I didn’t wanna go this route but I had no choice.
ESIS is the worst insurance, but they are a monopoly. The government should allow other companies to enter the insurance market to create fair competition. I'm sure you'll agree that allowing similar businesses to compete will improve the quality of service they provide.