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Full Version: My claims adjuster will not make contact with me’!!
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I’m in the State of Georgia…
I was injured at work Nearly a month ago ‘ shoulder and lower back…My claims adjuster has not contacted me as of yet ‘ I leave messages ‘ I even contacted the supervisor and still no return call.I’m not able to make medical appointments without prior approval’ so I’m stuck waiting to hear from them ‘ I thought I could navigate this claim without a lawyer but now I see I can’t ‘ I hate this process ‘it should be a law against treating people this way.
That is really frustrating, and so unnecessary. You can call the Case Status/Claims Assistance - Toll Free line of the Georgia State Board of Workers' Comp. They may be able to help you. 800-533-0682

Also, on your next message to the adjuster, tell them that you will consult with an attorney if you don't hear back from them. Their job gets infinitely more difficult when an attorney gets involved. Just a warning, having an attorney will not speed up your case. It can often slow it down.
I would start putting all contact information in writing. Write to the adjuster, claims supervisor and even company executives. You need a paper trail if you are going to achieve any corrective action.
Document your efforts at communication with detailed dates, times, names, etc.You can use email as well. The legal system runs on paper and any penalties for delays in benefits will require supporting evidence.