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1) WY: State Supreme Court Rules Spinal Implant Device Won’t be Covered by Work Comp

Linda Harboth of Wyoming was hurt on the job as a mine driller at Powder River Coal Co., leading to a surgical piece of medical equipment being inserted into her spine, according to court documents, writes Louise Esola of Business Insurance. In “Linda H. Harborth v. State of Wyoming, Department of Workforce Services, Workers’ Compensation Division,” the state Supreme Court ruled this week that the piece won’t be covered by work comp, because it has been deemed the piece isn’t “safe or effective” by the USDA. “…The Department of Workforce Services, Workers' Compensation Division, denied benefits for the surgery because the artificial disc and the surgical procedure had not been approved by the FDA and that Ms. Harborth ‘had not produced sufficient objective medical support for their use,’ records stated,” per the article.

2) OH: Expired Bulletproof Vests Raise Public Concern

“Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation agents and supervisors raised repeated concerns about expired body armor for more than a year before a union grievance was filed this May, public records show,” writes Julie Carr Smyth of AP, for ABC News. “Emails released by Republican Attorney General Mike DeWine's office shed new light on behind-the-scenes anxiety surrounding more than 50 bulletproof vests that had passed the five-year expiration date set by the National Institute of Justice.” covered this topic in July. But, according to a DeWine spokesperson, the protective body armor has been ordered after an AP report was released. “…Body armor has become common in law enforcement, and special agent Larry McCoy told the Ohio Labor Council in his May 3 grievance that 53 of 99 special agents, investigators and personnel transport workers were assigned Kevlar vests that had expired,” per the article.

3) MakuSafe Could Help Employers, Insurers and Employees Alike

MakuSafe, patented for when it goes to market next year, is a series of wearable sensors designed by Gabe Glynn in efforts to reduce on-the-job injuries, writes Kevin Hardy of the Des Moines Register. “…MakuSafe's sensors track everything from temperature to sound levels to humidity on a manufacturing floor. The wearable devices automatically note when someone trips or falls,” writes Hardy. The company has raised more than $1 million so far. Summit RV has been a part of the Iowa-company’s testing phase. “…One of the first employees at Summit to try the product put the device around his ankle. It's meant to be worn on a strap that wraps around the arm. But that worker informed the company that he had poison ivy on his arm.” Talk about versatility.

4) Major CA Supreme Court Work Comp Ruling Released on Thursday

The California Supreme Court handed down a major decision yesterday, ruling an injured worker could turn to the Workers’ Compensation Administration (WCA), and the WCA only for aid. “…the Supreme Court found unanimously that in the case of King vs. CompPartners, Inc., relief from misdiagnosis or errors from utilization reviewers can only be found through workers' compensation,” according to Liz Carey of Click here to read more.

5) Turn to for Post-WCI 2018 Coverage

If you weren’t one of the approximately 9,000 people in attendance at the 2018 WCI Conference, or even if you were and missed out on a certain session, look no further for event coverage. Click here to read up on #workersrecovery, here for keynote information, here for a diversity panel synopsis, and here for a Wednesday wrap-up. Check out Featured News as well for even more articles too. See you next year Orlando!  


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