Coppelman on Subrogation: Not-So-Great Expectations?

17 Jul, 2018 Jon Coppelman President and CEO Bob Wilson’s recent ruminations on subrogation in Texas remind me that subrogation is a frequently misunderstood part of the work comp system. The general perception is this: When a worker is injured, […]
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    • Jon Coppelman

      Since 1990 Jon Coppelman has trained thousands of business owners from Main Street to Fortune 500 on the fundamentals of workers’ compensation cost control. From 2006 to 2012 he was a principal writer for the Workers’ Comp Insider, LynchRyan’s first-in-the-nation blog dedicated to risk management issues. He currently divides his time between his consulting businesses and his role as Senior Workers’ Compensation Consultant for the Renaissance Alliance, an aggregator based in Wellesley, MA serving more than 90 local agencies across New England.

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