Workers' Comp Industry Social Media Survey Project

16 Jan, 2013 Bob Wilson


Today we are launching the first of two surveys exploring the access and use of social media within the workers' compensation industry. We ask all workers' compensation professionals to take just a few minutes to complete this brief questionnaire. This initial survey is short, and will be followed up in coming weeks with a more in depth survey that will in part, be generated from the results of this first questionnaire.

You may access the survey here.

This is a collective effort conducted by the WorkCompResearch Division of, the Work Comp Analysis Group on LinkedIn, Jody G. Thompson Marketing Services, and noted columnist Peter Rousmaniere. We consider this effort to be the most in depth social media assessment ever conducted for the workers' compensation industry.

This survey is an opportunity to bring clarity as to how social media is or is not used in our chosen workers' compensation profession. It's an opportunity to clear up misconceptions, bring the truth forward and debunk myths about how professionals in workers' comp use social media or not. We have an opportunity to show work comp professionals are as much in the “mainstream” of technology as our counterparts in group health or other similar professions... an opportunity to present ourselves as forward thinking (or not!).

This survey process is giving a voice to the many dedicated professionals who work hard to improve the lives of injured workers every day and a chance to show how we use the latest tools to have a greater impact on our personal and professional careers. It is our hope and belief that this effort will have positive impacts on all the stakeholders in workers' comp.

As noted, the survey is now available at the URL below. It should only take a few moments to complete. Thank you for assisting us in improving communications and information sharing in the workers' comp community.

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