Workers Comp Claim Files Missing One Important Easy Task


One task that workers comp claim files need has seemed to disappear over the years.   Most adjusters can make their lives much easier by accomplishing this one task upfront.   In the 13 workers comp adjuster everyday to-do list, this has to be the most important one except to pay weekly benefits.

The easy task that takes just a few minutes to accomplish is three-point contact.  Back in the 1980s and 1990s, not only was the contact required within 24 hours (even on Fridays), a recorded statement of the injured worker was an additional add-on task. 

Some carriers and Third Party Administrators still require recorded statements.  As always, and for any recommendations that I have given – check your claims manual on how to handle three-point contact.

Contacting the treating physician, employer, and injured employee within 24 hours after receiving the first report of injury (FROI) will save time and avoid later headaches.

Of course, if the employee is represented by an attorney, one cannot contact the employee, but at least the adjuster can call their attorney’s office and at least talk to a paralegal or assistant.  Some states do not allow contact with the physician without the injured employee’s permission.

Most adjusters do contact the employer, then send the injured worker and physician a letter.

Workers Comp Claim Files – The Most Important Key

The adjuster is the communication hub on the file.  Making the three-point contact on any workers comp claim files may seem to be an overwhelming task with the other daily duties.

Establishing a working relationship with all three main parties on the file makes the file progress more easily.   The initial three-point contact can help start the relationship.   As I write this article, I realize that adjuster turnover remains very high during the pandemic.  The turnover generates a time crunch to accomplish this task. 

The best way that I recommend for contact is with emails once the initial “hello call” has been made within 24 hours.  This makes file documentation much easier without having to type a record of a phone call.

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