Texas Mutual's Tested Solution to Safer, More Efficient Driving


Traffic accidents are the leading cause of on-the-job injuries and death for our policyholders’ employees. It’s why, at Texas Mutual, we are committed to keeping all Texans safe on the road. We’ve experienced firsthand results improving our own employees’ driving behavior by using an innovative telematics solution. And now, we’re offering the same solution at a discount exclusively to our policyholders.

For more than two years, Texas Mutual has utilized Cartasite on our company vehicles and the system brought a 60 percent improvement to our employees’ safe driving behavior.

How it works

StriveSafe provides direct feedback to drivers about their highest indicators of risk: speeding, hard braking and rapid acceleration. By also providing real-time location tracking and vehicle information, StriveSafe can also help businesses save money by improving vehicle and driver utilization, reducing idling, lowering maintenance costs, and decreasing fuel consumption. Over the past 12 years, StriveSafe clients have found up to a 90 percent reduction in motor vehicle accidents and cost savings of up to a gallon of gas per day per vehicle. 

The hardware device plugs into the diagnostic port within seconds and is plug and play for both heavy and light vehicles. StriveSafe can be purchased online and only takes minutes to get set up and running. U.S.-based, award-winning customer care services are also available.

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