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South Carolina - A bill has been pre-filed in the South Carolina House that would provide first responders with PTSD coverage under workers’ compensation. The bill is being sponsored by eight legislators, all of whom have served as first responders at some point in their life. A similar bill failed to pass in South Carolina in 2015, but with the tide changing around PTSD across the country, sponsors believe this has a strong chance of passing in 2020.

Colorado - On January 1, 2020, the Colorado Division of Workers’ Compensation officially launched their Uninsured Employer Fund. The new fund will provide financial assistance to injured workers whose employers do not carry workers’ compensation coverage. This can include employers who are violating law and those that are not required to provide such coverage. The new fund will be funded by fines issued against those employers who do not carry workers’ compensation.

New York - A8914, a newly introduced bill, would require the New York Department of Health to review and analyze the state’s prescription drug monitoring program to identify violations of law, including the inappropriate prescribing of controlled substances. The Department would also be required to report any identified violations to other appropriate divisions, including the Medical Board.

Texas - The Texas Division of Workers’ Compensation will release final regulations for cancer presumption claims on January 10. The new regulations implement SB 2551, passed last year, that expands the cancers presumed to be work-related for firefighters. The regulations require insurance carriers to act on a claim within 15 days of notice of injury and spells out the requirements for carriers who seek to deny a claim.

New Hampshire - In preparation for the 2020 legislative session, SB 547 has been prefiled in the New Hampshire Senate. The bill would mandate the use of electronic prescriptions for all controlled substances and become effective just a few months after passage. The bill is currently before the Health and Human Services Committee and will likely be taken up when session begins this week.

By Danielle Jaffee

Courtesy of Injured Workers Pharmacy Blog

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