Send In The Clowns; Circus Workers Injured in Protest Melee

21 Apr, 2015 Bob Wilson


Hundreds of circus spectators got a bigger show than they bargained for last Friday night, when a group of animal rights protestors pushed their way in under the big top and received a thrashing from a gaggle of clowns. It happened in San Bernardino, CA, and ended with two circus employees being injured, as well as two protestors being hauled off to jail. That had to be a sight. For all the excited kiddies in the audience, it certainly must've been the greatest show on earth.

One of the protesters claimed they were protesting non-violently, and that protesters were the ones attacked by the circus workers. He even claimed the circus workers had weapons. He didn't mention that the aforementioned weapons only shot a flag that said “BANG” on it. That same protestor also claimed one of the workers placed him in a choke hold during the disturbance. Duh. What else would you expect to happen when you sneak into a show for which you failed to purchase admission?

The protestors were part of a group protesting what they believe is the inhumane treatment of animals by the circus. The group has no problem, apparently, treating human animals inhumanely. 

One of the people injured in the fracas was the circus Ringmaster, whose lip was split when he was hit in the face with his own megaphone. The injury on the second worker was not specified. I wonder what hapless workers' comp adjustor will end up with these claims? Imagine filling out that FROI; Cause of Injury - Clown Beat Down. The good news is that they probably saved hundreds of dollars on emergency transport, since they could transfer all injured clowns in the same little ambulance. Of course, they will incur additional treatment costs when medical personnel literally have to wipe the smile off their patients faces. I do pity the emergency room doc who is first to lean in near any flowered lapel….

Not to be deterred, the animal rights protesters vowed to return to another evenings show, with over 100 people expected to protest. That circus will likely need to increase the number of clowns they have on hand. My advice to the protesters; this time buy a ticket.

Also keep your mouths shut, and be respectful of other patrons at the show. After all, those humans are animals too, and they have a right not to be disturbed.

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