SAIF Board Can Cancel But It Can't Hide

12 Jul, 2014 Bob Wilson


The SAIF Board has cancelled their meet in July,
To all their employees it's a stick in the eye.
They are probably hoping until September nigh,
That the whole Plotkin scandal will just up and die. 

There is nothing to talk about - nothing to see,
Just a gaggle of people angry at thee,
The Board dare not meet less they be cast asunder,
By the people offended from their epic blunder.

Civic duty be damned, they won't get together,
The storms that they fear are not borne of weather,
The tempest that brews from the ranks of the nether,
Means the Boards corporate undies best be crafted from leather. 

So a four billion dollar company hangs in the balance,
While the Board takes a break, a brief summer dalliance.
It's as if there's no problem, nothing up in the air,
They have no reason to meet, and the Guv doesn't care. 

Enjoy the summer you four,
We can wait two months more,
You can play the court jesters,
While this open wound festers. 

The music you hear is playing your song,
You will eventually face the thing you've done wrong,
The people of SAIF are united with pride,
September is coming; and you cannot hide.


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