Negotiated E-Mods and Other Changes Coming July 1


Beginning July 1, negotiated e-mods are going away in Texas. We’re sharing a recap of what to expect with this change as well as other changes to help keep our agent community informed.

Negotiated e-mods

The Texas Department of Insurance adopted the NCCI Experience Rating Plan in 2015. At that time, TDI announced negotiated e-mods would no longer be authorized in Texas, effective July 1, 2018.

As we approach this date, we’d like to remind you, e-mods don’t always paint a clear picture of the safety of employers. We encourage all companies to take a broader look at safety beyond e-mods, and Texas Mutual’s safety services department is here to help. Our safety consultants and outreach center are available at 844-WORKSAFE, and policyholders can log in to to access e-Learning and our safety resource center.

Class code changes

NCCI is implementing a number of class code changes July 1, 2018, and there are two notable changes. First is the deletion of 9552 (Sign Manufacturing and Installation) and the splitting of that exposure into two class codes, which are 9554 (Installation and Repair) and 3064 (Sign Manufacturing). The second notable change is the creation of new class code 7225, specifically for Wrecker/Towing Companies and Roadside Assistance Operations. You can find all the changes at

Move to NCCI loss costs

Texas Mutual is transitioning from TDI rate relativities to NCCI loss costs, effective July 1, 2018. This change should have minimal impact on your Texas Mutual clients and allows us to continue providing a stable, competitive source of workers’ compensation for Texas employers.

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