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NCCI 2020 Data Reporting Conference West Palm Beach Worth The Time and Travel Spent

The NCCI 2020 Data Reporting Conference ran from January 28th through today, January 31st at the Palm Beach Convention Center, West Palm Beach, Florida.

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The weather was superb. The only bad weather was late at night when it rained buckets. I used to live in Boynton Beach, FL,  located just south of West Palm Beach.

Last year, I did not attend this NCCI Conference. I decided the information does not change much from year to year.

The NCCI 2020 Data Reporting Conference contained a few important updates for me. The conference is a massive gathering of data reporting personnel that work with NCCI during the year.

The most important aspect was the new Indemnity Financial Call. The data reporters said this caused the last week of March to become even more of a hell week with both the Indemnity and Medical Calls due on the same day.

I was at the conference to analyze the state rules that change the national NCCI rules and the anomalies the state changes caused to specifically the Unistat Reports. The Unistat Report  for each employer turns into their E-Mods (in a way).

Some of the instructors from two years ago were teaching the same courses. Some new NCCI instructors were on hand teaching other subjects.

The states with the most deviations to the overall NCCI national rules were:

  • Missouri
  • Texas – NCCI brought Texas on board two years ago, so many of the rules were in transition to the NCCI rules.
  • Oregon
  • Florida – kind of ironic as NCCI’s HQ state.
  •  Georgia – seemed to have the most state deviations from the National Rules.

The next link contains the full schedule from the NCCI schedule to show what they offered over the last few days. I arrived one day into the conference and left one day early.

Each session repeated at least once to allow everyone the opportunity to attend the sessions of their choice.

The sessions from the NCCI schedule can be found here. You may want to review them to see if the conference would benefit you or your organization.  

I attended a mix of the sessions. Even though I had to set through 2.5 hours of a class to cover 30 minutes of my interests, the sessions were well worth the time.

NCCI is going to put all their Powerpoint slides online in the coming weeks. It may well be worth your time to review most, if not all of them.

I will post a notice when they publish all of the sessions to their website. One of the advantages of being at the conference was receiving the answers to the review questions for each session. The NCCI does not provide the answers to all of the questions in their slides.

I had previously written articles on the NCCI Data Reporting Conference over the past few years. If you are interested,  past articles can be found here. 

The NCCI 2020 Data Reporting Conference was well worth attending. As I have said in the past years, if you have the time and you have anything to do with data reporting to NCCI, the conference is well worth the time and travel. NCCI does a nice job.

This blog post is provided by James Moore, AIC, MBA, ChFC, ARM, and is republished with permission from J&L Risk Management Consultants. Visit the full website at

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