IAASW Seminar Preview: Sally Nesmith of PAAS


The Insurance Auditor’s Association of the Southwest (IAASW) will hold its first Louisiana Regional Seminar October 4th and 5th at L’Auberge in Baton Rouge.

Ahead of the seminar, Louisiana Comp Blog asked speakers to give us a preview of what attendees can expect from the new event. Sally Nesmith, of Premium Audit Advisory Service (PAAS), will discuss frequently asked questions in the premium audit field.

Comp Blog: Tell me about your background in the auditing industry.

Nesmith: I have worked in insurance since graduating college in 1986. Early in my career, I worked in life insurance in Indiana and moved to Louisiana in 1988 where I worked as a malpractice underwriter. Eventually I worked for the DOI as an estate manager, then for the Louisiana Homebuilders SIF as a Director, then LWCC as an AVP. In the Homebuilders’ role and in the LWCC role, I managed premium audit.

Comp Blog: What is your current role?

Nesmith: I currently work for PAAS which is a division of ISO/Verisk. I answer technical insurance questions, teach in-person classes, teach web seminars, develop training material, and primarily function as a resource for member insurance companies and audit firms.

Comp Blog: What will your presentation at the IAASW seminar involve? 

Nesmith: My seminar is on FAQs or questions that I have received from auditors that are frequent or asked all the time. I will cover the questions and our responses to these commonly asked questions. These are not always easy questions, but are frequently asked. I ask for audience participation – I’ll ask the question and see what the audience thinks the answer should be.

Comp Blog: What is the main takeaway that you would like attendees to gain from your presentation?

Nesmith: Hopefully, if they encounter these situations or have these questions, they’ll be able to complete the audit easily.


Nina Luckman is the writer and editor of New Orleans-based Louisiana Comp Blog, which launched in 2014 and is sponsored by LCI Workers' Comp. She is originally from Pennsylvania but lived most of her life in Florida. Her credentials include a Bachelor's and a Master of Arts degree from Tulane University, both in the study of English Literature. 


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