Botswana President Injured On The Job

30 May, 2013 Bob Wilson


I am not sure if Botswana has a workers' compensation system. I'm actually not sure if Botswana has a hospital. I didn't really know Botswana had a government, let alone a President. One thing is certain:

I don't know jack about Botswana.

Nevertheless, the President of the Central African nation, Ian Khama, was slightly injured this week when he was clawed by a Cheetah during a tour of a Botswanian "wild animal park" run by the country's military. This incident was revealed after he showed up in public with bruises and bandages on his face. Apparently he leaned too close to the Cheetah enclosure, and the animal lunged and swatted at him, catching him in the face.

It is possible that this is just an elaborate cover story for some other reason he has facial injuries compatible with a Cheetah clawing. I am absolutely certain that would be a far better story. Alas, you go with the story you get.... 

The real question here is why the Botswana military has a wild animal park. They apparently use it to train soldiers on wild animal behavior so that they will be prepared when looking for poachers in the wild. That must be some interesting training. "This is what a Lion looks like when it eats you". Of course, Botswana would not endanger it's military by carelessly exposing them to wild animals. The park is "open to civilians". I am sure they are quite useful to that end.

There was no word on whether the Cheetah would be facing disciplinary action or demotion in rank. I am, of course, assuming the animals in the military wild animal park have been assigned some form of position within the Botswana military. Clearly there needs to be some counseling involved to prevent further such outbursts, and reduce workplace violence at this installation. Something should be done to hold this Cheetah accountable, as swatting a nations Commander in Chief is generally frowned upon. 

Even if he is dumb enough to lean too close to your cage.

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