A Thank You to Louisiana Comp Blog Readers


Since Louisiana Comp Blog launched in 2014 under the auspices of LCI Workers’ Comp, we have published 4,457 individual posts and covered numerous and varied industry conferences, regulatory events, and committee meetings, seeking to keep our readers informed of developments in the world of workers’ compensation across Louisiana and the region.

In addition to written content, we held a total of 22 Comp in Focus luncheons both in New Orleans and Baton Rouge featuring speakers ranging from regulators and medical professionals to attorneys from both sides of the Bar. We also created and hosted two Spotlight on Solutions conferences in 2018 and 2019. This unique technology symposium series for workers’ comp professionals was a new way to share ideas and learn about tomorrow’s risks and resources.

Beginning in 2016, Louisiana Comp Blog was selected as a WorkersCompensation.com Best Blogs winner. Thanks to reader nominations, we kept that distinction in 2017, 2018 and 2019.

Through organic growth, our subscribers have steadily increased. As of this writing, a total of 1,292 people chose to invite us into their busy inboxes. That, and the thousands of pageviews Louisiana Comp Blog draws every month, are much appreciated.

Hopefully, we have successfully offered our readers the type of objective and thorough coverage that we believe this industry deserves. Personally, I have enjoyed learning about the depth and breadth of the workers’ compensation system as a form of social insurance, and I have been frequently humbled by the dedication the stakeholders have for this work.

The Louisiana Comp Blog project is, after five years and three months, ending with this post, but know that the resources created here will still be available to you. I encourage anyone with questions or comments to reach out to me through the site’s contact form, which I will continue to monitor.

With the utmost sincerity I say, thank you, 

By Nina Luckman, Louisiana Comp Blog, Editor

Courtesy of Louisiana Comp Blog


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