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50 States Comparative Tables


Type Of Law And Insurance Requirements
Numerical Exemptions
Coverage Of Agricultural Workers
Coverage Of Domestic Employees
States Allowing Self-Insurance
States With A State-Run Workers Compensation Fund

Medical & Rehabilitation Benefits

Medical Benefits
Physician Selection
Rehabilitation Benefits
Mileage Reimbursement Rates

Indemnity Benefits

Waiting Periods
Maximum and Minimum Compensation Rates
Methods Of Payment Of Scheduled Awards
States Providing Disfigurement Benefits
Maximum Burial Allowances
Maximum Compensation Adjustment Dates And Percentages
Method Of Payment of Compensation
Offset Provisions

Licensing & Continuing Education

Attorney Continuing Education Requirements By State

Reporting Requirements

Employer's Report of Accident


Fraud Laws
Immunity Laws

Additional Charts

Drug Free Workplace Policies And Testing Regulations
Workers’ Compensation For Volunteer Firefighters

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