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Any bill of exceptions prepared for appeal of a case to the Supreme Court or Court of Appeals and filed in the office of the clerk of the compensation court may be checked out by counsel for not more than 14 days. Counsel shall pay postage for records mailed to their offices. Counsel failing to return records when requested by the clerk may be penalized by appropriate sanctions, including suspension of the privilege to check out records from the clerk's office. Any litigant is entitled to inspect the original bill ofexceptions in his or her case at the office of the clerk of the court. Bills of exceptions shall not be checked out to litigants. Any litigant is entitled to obtain a copy ofhis or her bill of exceptions by filing a written request with the clerk of the court.

Section 48-163, R.R.S. 2010, and 48-1,112, R.S. Supp., 2016.

Effective date: January 17, 2018.

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