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Nebraska Workers' Compensation Legal Library

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A. The court shall be notified promptly of contemplated mergers, consolidations, acquisitions, divesting or spinning off of current operations, and other major organizational changes.
B. The court shall be notified promptly when there is any change in third party administrator, address, court contact, Nebraska Registered Agent, security, or other information in the application.
C. The court shall be notified within 10 days by certified mail of any bankruptcy filing by the self-insurer or its parent, or any subsidiary of the self-insurer or its parent.
D. The self-insurer will furnish additional reports or other information the court may require on an annual or as needed basis.
E. The court may conduct periodic audits and special examinations of the self-insurer's payroll and other workers' compensation records, or the records of a third party administrator or other agent acting on behalf of the self-insurer, to ensure compliance with self-insurance requirements and other obligations under the Nebraska Workers' Compensation Act.
Section 48-145, R.S. Supp., 2010.
Effective date April 25, 2002.

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