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Nebraska Workers' Compensation Legal Library

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All employers subject to the Nebraska Workers' Compensation Act, except the State of Nebraska and any governmental agency created by the state, must either carry workers' compensation insurance, or, if eligible, may self-insure through a risk management pool, or, after application to and approval by the Nebraska Workers' Compensation Court, may self-insure their risk, or, in the case of an employer who is a lessor ofone or more commercial vehicles leased to a self-insured motor carrier, may be a party to an effective agreement with the self-insured motor carrier under section 48-115.02. No employee may reject the provisions of the Act. No employer,including religious or charitable institutions,and governmental subdivisions,may reject the provisions of the Act.

Sections 44-4304,and48-103,48-106,48-112,48-114,48-115.02,48-131,RRS. 2010,and48-145,RS. Supp.,2016.

Effective date: April 25, 2002.

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