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A. Role of case manager. A medical case manager in a managed care plan shall monitor, evaluate, and coordinate the delivery of quality, cost effective medical treatment and other health care services needed by an injured employee to assist him or her in reaching maximum medical improvement, and shall promote an appropriate, prompt return to work. Medical case managers shall facilitate communication between the employee, employer, insurer, risk management pool, health care provider, managed care plan, and any assigned
vocational rehabilitation counselor to achieve these goals. The managed care plan must describe in its application for certification how injured employees will be selected for medical case management, the services to be provided, and who will provide the services.
B. Qualifications of medical case manager. A medical case manager, for purposes of a managed care plan, shall have attained the educational and/or employment experience set forth below in this rule. Acceptable case management experience must be full-time paid employment. Acceptable clinical experience involves full-time, paid employment either in a professional clinical setting (e.g., hospital/clinic, home health care, physician's private practice, etc.) or with a private rehabilitation firm. Additionally, professionally supervised in-temships, preceptorships, practica-whether paid or unpaid-may be counted toward meeting the full-time employment and clinical experiences. Volunteer work experience activities, however, may not be counted toward meeting the full-time employment or clinical experience requirements.
1. Designation of Certified Case Manager (CCM) by the Certification of Insurance Rehabilitation Specialists Commission for Case Manager Certification, or;
2. Designation of Certified Insurance Rehabilitation Specialist (CIRS) by the Certification of Insurance Rehabilitation Specialists Commission, or;
3. Current licensure as a Registered Nurse (RN), or;
4. Current licensure as a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) and 18 months supervised clinical experience and six months acceptable case management expenence, or;
5. A baccalaureate degree (in a field other than nursing), current professional licensure or national certification in a health and human services profession, and at least 24 months employment experience, of which six months must be acceptable case management experience and 18 months must be supervised clinical experience.
6. Extensive experience in medical case management may be substituted for any of the foregoing.
Sections 48-120.02, RRS. 2010, and 48-120, RS. Supp., 2016.
Effective date: July 1, 1997.

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