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287.917. Workplace safety program, administrator to formulate - safety plan, contents - rates may be reduced, when. -

1. The administrator shall formulate, implement and monitor a workplace safety program for all policyholders.

2. The company shall have representatives whose sole purpose is to develop, with policyholders, a written workplace accident and injury reduction plan that promotes safe working conditions and which is based upon clearly stated goals and objectives. Company representatives shall have reasonable access to the premises of any policyholder or applicant during regular working hours. The company shall communicate the importance of a well-defined safety plan and assist in any way to obtain this objective.

3. The administrator or board may refuse to insure, or may terminate the insurance of any subscriber who refuses to permit on-site examinations or disregards the workplace accident and injury reduction plan.

4. Upon the completion of a detailed inspection and recognition of a high regard for employee work safety, a deviation may be applied to the rate structure of that insured noting special recognition of those efforts.

(L. 1993 S.B. 251 § 9)

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