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287.877. Insolvent member, board may determine, how - notice to division, when. -

1. Upon determination by majority vote that any member employer may be insolvent or in a financial condition hazardous to the employees thereof or to the public, it shall be the duty of the board of directors to notify the division of workers' compensation of any information indicating such condition.

2. The board of directors may, upon majority vote, request that the division determine the condition of any member employer which the board in good faith believes may no longer be qualified to be a member of the corporation. Within thirty days of the receipt of such request or, for good cause shown, within a reasonable time thereafter, the division shall make such determination and shall forthwith advise the board of its findings. Each request for a determination shall be kept on file by the division, but the request shall not be open to public inspection prior to the release of the determination to the public.

3. It shall also be the duty of the division to report to the board of directors when it has reasonable cause to believe that a member employer may be in such a financial condition as to be no longer qualified to be a member of the corporation.

4. The board of directors may, upon majority vote, make reports and recommendations to the division upon any matter which is germane to the solvency, liquidation, rehabilitation, or conservation of any member employer. Such reports and recommendations shall not be considered public documents.

5. The board of directors may, upon majority vote, make recommendations to the division for the detection and prevention of employer insolvencies.

6. The board of directors shall, at the conclusion of any member employer's insolvency in which the corporation was obligated to pay covered claims, prepare a report on the history and cause of such insolvency, based on the information available to the corporation, and shall submit such report to the division.

7. Both the board and the division shall, under the plan of operation, pursuant to section 287.870, and any applicable rules and regulations, establish further recommendations as the occasion suggests.

(L. 1992 H.B. 975)

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