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287.560. Division or commission may administer oaths, issue process, take depositions - depositions may be taken by electronic means - costs, how paid. -

The division, any administrative law judge thereof or the commission, shall have power to issue process, subpoena witnesses, administer oaths, examine books and papers, and require the production thereof, and to cause the deposition of any witness to be taken and the costs thereof paid as other costs under this chapter. Any party shall be entitled to process to compel the attendance of witnesses and the production of books and papers, and at his own cost to take and use depositions in like manner as in civil cases in the circuit court, except that depositions may be recorded by electronic means. The party electing to record a deposition by electronic means shall be responsible for the preparation and proper certification of the transcript and for maintaining a copy of the tape or other medium on which the deposition was recorded for the use of the division or any party upon request. Copies of the transcript shall be provided to all parties at a cost approved by the division. Subpoena shall extend to all parts of the state, and may be served as in civil actions in the circuit court, but the costs of the service shall be as in other civil actions. Each witness shall receive the fees and mileage prescribed by law in civil cases, but the same shall not be allowed as costs to the party in whose behalf the witness was summoned unless the persons before whom the hearing is had shall certify that the testimony of the witness was necessary. All costs under this section shall be approved by the division and paid out of the state treasury from the fund for the support of the Missouri division of workers' compensation; provided, however, that if the division or the commission determines that any proceedings have been brought, prosecuted or defended without reasonable ground, it may assess the whole cost of the proceedings upon the party who so brought, prosecuted or defended them. The division or the commission may permit a claimant to prosecute a claim as a poor person as provided by law in civil cases.

(RSMo 1939 § 3740, A.L. 1965 p. 397, A.L. 1980 H.B. 1396, A.L. 1993 S.B. 251)

Prior revision: 1929 § 3350

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