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287.146. Employee authorized to receive vocational rehabilitation, when - duties of director. -

1. When an employee has sustained injury of sufficient severity, as provided in section 287.148, as the result of an injury arising out of and in the course of employment, the employee may, if authorized by the employer and the insurer, receive vocational rehabilitation services that are reasonably necessary to restore him to suitable, gainful employment.

2. The director shall administer sections 287.144 to 287.149, and shall:

(1) Maintain a registry of all qualified rehabilitation providers and rehabilitation practitioners whether public or private, including practitioners directly employed by an insurer, employer or self-insurer that render rehabilitation services to injured workers in this state;

(2) Analyze and report annually the results and cost of rehabilitation assignments;

(3) Review vocational rehabilitation plans and disapprove within fourteen days of receipt, if such plans do not meet criteria set forth in subsections 1 to 5* of section 287.148. The director may review plans and supervise the completion of approved plans;

(4) Review the progress of rehabilitation under the applicable plan filed by the rehabilitation practitioner or provider to determine if such plan meets the criteria set forth in subsections 1 to 5 of section 287.148 throughout the period the plan is in force;

(5) Appoint vocational rehabilitation monitors to assist in the implementation of subdivisions (3) to (5) of this subsection. A monitor shall have the qualifications as set forth for vocational rehabilitation practitioners and at least two years of experience in the field of workers' compensation disabilities.

(L. 1990 S.B. 751)

Effective 7-01-91

*Number "7" appears in original rolls.

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