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Missouri Workers' Compensation Legal Library

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287.100. Legislative intent relative to other laws expressed. -

Nothing in this chapter shall be construed as amending or repealing any statute or ordinance relating to associations or funds for the relief, pension, retirement, or other benefit of firemen, policemen, or other public employees, their widows, children or dependents, or as in any manner interfering with such associations, funds or benefits, now or hereafter established, but any such public employees, his widow, children or dependents, who shall receive compensation under this chapter shall have deducted from any benefit otherwise payable by any pension or other benefit fund to which the municipal corporation or other public employer contributes, a part of such benefit proportionate to the amount then being contributed to such fund by such employer, which deductions shall be made only during the compensation period. Nor shall anything in this chapter be construed as interfering with the right of any public employee to draw full wages, or collect and retain his full fees, so long as he holds his office, appointment or employment, but the period during which the same are received after the injury shall be deducted from the period of compensation payments due hereunder.

(RSMo 1939 § 3696)

Prior revision: 1929 § 3306

(1982) Applying workers' compensation law to constitutional charter city did not violate provision of Article VI, Section 22 prescribing enactment of laws creating or fixing powers, duties or compensation of any municipal office or employment. City of St. Louis v. Grimes (Mo.), 630 S.W.2d 82.

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